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Defender Picks


Monument Valley

Injunction Issued to Prevent Monument Removal

New Orleans monuments to Confederate heroes and the White League will remain part of the cityscape for a while longer. In the most recent turn of the protracted battle, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeal forbade removal until a lawsuit is resolved.

Nagin's Appeal Denied

Federal inmate No. 32751-034 won’t be leaving the prison camp in Texarkana any time soon. On Thursday (1.07), the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed C. Ray Nagin's 2014 conviction and denied his appeal.

Nagin Again

Ray-Ray's Attorney Argues Appeal

Lawyers for federal inmate No. 32751-034 were back in court today. Lawyers for C. Ray Nagin asked the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to throw out the former Mayor’s 2014 conviction because the judge had poorly advised the jury.

Nagin Questions

Federal inmate No. 32751-034 is appealing his conviction. In a 49-page brief filed late Tuesday with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, disgraced, former Mayor Ray Nagin argued that poor instructions to jurors resulted in his conviction.

Cuba Libre: Cafe Habana OK'd by Council

After almost three years of protest, appeals, and legislative wrangling, the controversial plan to place Cafe Habana at the intersection of North Rampart Street and Esplanade received the final go-ahead on Thursday (3.12). Neighborhood groups introduced a motion to effectively 86 the project, but the motion was rejected 4-2 by the City Council.

Walking Heads: SCOTUS Negs Tour Guide Appeal

New Orleans tour guides are often criticized for embellishing facts. However, when it came to fighting a licensing law, the historian praetorians stayed on focus with a detailed lawsuit. On Monday (2.23), the Supreme Court sided against the guides.

Taking It to the Top

What Monday's SCOTUS Actions Mean for Same Sex Marriage in Louisiana

While most of New Orleans was focused on Khiry Robinon’s game-winning TD, the Supreme Court of the United States was preparing a landmark announcement. On Monday (10.7) morning, SCOTUS announced that they will not be hearing any more cases where same sex marriage bans have been struck down as unconstitutional. The decision to reject seven petitions of certiorari from Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana and Wisconsin means that states with legalized gay marriage now represent the majority.

Free Sean Payton, in Song

Since the moment that news of the penalties came down (or was it the T-shirts that came out of the presses first?), the Free Sean Payton movement has swept Who Dat Nation. With the appeals of Payton and Saints GM Mickey Loomis set to be heard by nefarious NFL nabob Roger Goddell today, it seems as good a day as any for the Free Sean Payton rally song to come into its own. Or, at least,  5-Star and T-Bone hope so. Click through to hear.

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