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Defender Picks


Quarantine Queries

Signs springing up around LaSalle Street are warning locals about an animal quarantine. The only problem is that there is actually no animal quarantine. Further, the issuing “agency” does not exist.

Pawsible Scenarios: Hurricane Prep for Pets

Hurricane season started today, and the media is abuzz with suggestions about prep, go-bags, and the like. The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LaSPCA) took the opportunity to remind locals not to forget their furry friends while preparing for the worst.

Petting Boo: Tips for Keeping Four Legged Friends Happy on Halloween

The web loves pets in costumes be they spider dogs or pirate cats. Yet, the folks over at the Louisiana Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (LA-SPCA) are quick to caution that the holiday can be rough on animals. The organization has provided a quick list of pointers to make sure that the year's spookiest night doesn't scare your four legged fellows too much.

Scooby Do's & Don't's: Pet Prep for Storms

As hurricane season approaches, make sure that no pet is left behind. Every hurricane many pets find themselves stranded and without homes when unprepared owners flee to higher grounds. The SPCA is pushing pet owners should to prepare and include their blossoming Air Buds, Babes and Beethovens in their hurricane plans in 2014.

The Dogs (& Pigeons) of War

The World War II Museum is opening their latest exhibit this week... "Loyal Forces: The Animals of WWII." The exhibit tell harrowing tales of carrier pigeons and telegraph cable running dogs. Also, prominently featured is the Coast Guard and their extensive use of... horses... to patrol the ocean? The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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