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Defender Picks


Hens Up for Adoption After Cockfighting Bust

The hens used in a cockfighting operation in New Orleans East are up for adoption, according to the LASPCA. There were 450 roosters taken Wednesday, August 14, from Trinh Tran’s New Orleans East home. 

32 Dead Dogs, Mostly Puppies, Found in St. Bernard Freezer

While the LASPCA was rounding up roosters in New Orleans East Wednesday, the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's office was in the midst of its own animal cruelty case. In Arabi, authorities found a freezer with 32 dead dogs -- most of which were puppies -- inside the home of Juan Toledo.

Woman Found Guilty of Cruelty to Bourbon St. Pirate Primates

Joan Newberger didn't make any of her monkeys walk the plank, nor were they ever marooned at so strange a habitat as The Dungeon. Nevertheless, the Texas woman's inattention to the monkeys amounted to cruelty in the eyes of a Louisiana courtroom. Since the four marmosets, which Newberger claimed were "service monkeys" were confiscated during Carnival, one has died, and the other three were being held at the Monroe Zoo. As a result of Newberger's conviction yesterday, the monkeys will have a permanent home up north. At least they'll have the luxury of posing for pictures sans constricting bucaneer suits.

St. Bernard Man Stabs Dog

As the old adage goes, when man bites dog it's no big deal. Man stabs dog? Now we're talking. After becoming angry at his dog for evading his house training earlier this week, Ralph J. Topey III, of St. Bernard Parish, beat the canine four times with a baseball bat. But his anger was not yet cured, so he fetched his sword. With the four foot blade, he lanced the dog through the throat. For once, we'll leave aside the quip because the truth is stranger: the dog survived. Topey was arrested, and charged with "aggravated cruelty to an animal."

A Humble Offering

We're used to mixing a little religion with our football. Or, heck, making football our religion. But last year, in the throes of despair brought on by the Saints' late-season loss to the Cowboys, three St. Tammany Parish guys apparently decided to see if the football gods really exist. To ostensibly move the deities back to our side via sacrifice, the men kidnapped a newborn calf from a "genuine family farm" in Folsom, dragged it to an apartment complex, and beat it to death with a shovel. Perhaps their messianic deed was done, but they'll still have to serve probation and pay restitution fees.

K-9 Fop

Ah, the good old days of the NOPD. When accidentally killing a dog seemed like the most egregious thing cops could get charged for. Former officer Jason Lewis was slapped with a six-month jail sentence, six months of probation, and $12,000 in restitution for leaving his canine partner in the squad car to die of heat exhaustion. Primo, a 6-year-old Belgian Malnois, died last summer. If only the DA's office would get some convictions for people who killed other humans.

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