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Defender Picks


Card Sharks

ATC Releases Results of Summer Crackdown

While many people spend their summers avoiding the heat. The heat at the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) spend their summer cracking down on underage sales. On Tuesday (8.11) ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert announced the results of the agency’s annual sting operation including nearly 100 Orleans Parish businesses cited for underage sales.

Chilling Effects (Cocktail Recipes)

A few minutes in the sauna that is all of NOLA outdoors right now will confirm that summer has officially begun. The best way to beat the heat is lots of water, but a refreshing adult beverage is also pretty helpful. NoDef’s friends at Emeril’s were kind enough to share a few of their favorite cocktails for y’all to test out at home. Click on through for recipes.

House of Carding

The temperatures may be rising, but summer is time for bartenders to play Santa Claus and make sure that they check twice. Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner, Troy Hebert announced the start of the Agency’s annual crackdown on underage sales today.

Butting In: Louisiana Ranks 7th For Tobacco Use

LaToya Cantrell may be on jihad to stop smoking in Orleans Parish, but bans aside, the council member has her work cut out of her. A recent study by the website, BetterDoctor, has Louisiana ranked in the top ten for tobacco use.

Drinking Culture

Pal's Lounge, Mid City's Living Room

Gentle reader, at the six month point of my chronicle, I found myself wondering again at the qualia of a good local bar – its essential nature. A half bottle of Pernod later, I declared myself unequal to the task. Mine is but to see and to say, and no more. So it was that this sunny Sunday past, I walked into a sleepy corner of Bayou St. John. My friends, in lieu of pontification at this milestone, I offer my thousand-odd words as picture of a place: this, an abstract of a neighborhood, Pal’s Lounge in Mid City.   

Purple, Green, & Gold Cocktails (Recipes)

Carnival time and libations tend to mix well. So, NoDef petitioned Mark Schettler to put together a few words of advice. Schettler is the Bar Director at Purloo and the Vice President of the USBG New Orleans chapter. However, he also enjoy the titles  “Professional Enabler” and “Big Chief Drink Monkey.” Semantics aside, the man knows what to drink this time of year.

Drinking Culture

Crime Drives Columnist to Drink on St. Roch

Gentle reader, the reality on the ground seldom reflects the packaged narrative sold to us by the media. And rightly so. We’d all sooner read about a stabbing than almost any other instance of the infinite mundane. But even the callous among us are beginning to grumble about the crime and wonder aloud when was the last time things felt this bad. But let us walk not afraid. Let us not hole-up behind barred doors. Let’s stop by instead, my friends, and have a pitcher or two at the St. Roch Tavern.

Three Drinks to Ring in the New Year

With the last hours of 2014 upon us, now is the time for a libation. NoDef sat down with Jordan Larsen, a bartender at Sake Cafe and formerly at Victory, who gave us three new cocktails to help ring in the new year. When the fleur-de-lis drops, go bottoms up and start 2015 the classic New Orleanian way - with a drink.

Hot or Not

Tales of the Toddy 2014 in Photos

On Thursday (12.18) night, hundreds of bartenders, chefs, and drinkers gathered at House of Blues for the annual Tales of the Toddy cocktail competion. The toddies were served both hot and cold, and the two man bartending teams were decked out in their finest costumes. Treo, Sylvain, and Barrel Proof's staff were all repreented amongst the winners. NoDef's Dr. Bill Copen was on hand to capture the action.

Hot Fest

Kirk Estopinal Talks Tales of the Toddy

Tales of the Cocktail’s winter event, Tales of the Toddy is slated to mix things up on Thursday night from 6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. The contest will feature 48 bartenders, 14 restaurants, 27 spirit brands, and (of course) music. Before the sipping starts, NoDef chatted with one of the evening’s judges, Kirk Estopinal of Bellocq.

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