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Defender Picks


Dip Into Girlpool's New Album 'Powerplant'

Los Angeles dreamy rock duo Girlpool released Powerplant, a follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut album, through Anti-Records on Friday. True to their fashion, Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker blend intimate harmonies with revelatory lyrics. Stream the tracks below to familiarize yourself with the duo before they drop by New Orleans this summer. 

William Michael Morgan's Real Country

By Bfrad Bohannan

Sometimes you have to take chances to make it in the country music business. William Micheal Morgan has done just that by being a 'real' singer singing 'real' country music.  What do I mean? This young artist doesn't need the back up singers to strengthen his voice, he doesn't need the light show, he doesn't need distracting dancers. He has a strong, solid voice and impeccable tastes in song choices. Think George Strait. To all the country fans that have been complaining about the style and quality of the country music, William Micheal Morgan is what you have been asking for.  

Album Review: Bobby Bones

By Brad Bohannan

Bobby Bones has become as staple to my morning drive as I take my boy to school.  Much to my chagrin, my 11-year-old would change it to the Bobby Bones Show every morning.  After a few weeks of this morning drive routine I found myself becoming a fan of him and his Pimp-N-Joy charity work. In fact, I had to be one of the first to download the Bobby Bones & the Raging Idiots new album titled, The Critics Give it 5 Stars.  

Mannie Fresh Talks New Album with Weezy and Juvenile

L’il Wayne has a history of distancing himself from his native New Orleans. He even rooted for the Falcon against the Saints in 2009. However, it seems like he has been feeling the love ever since the Hot Boyz reunion at his L’il Weezyana fest this summer. Now, Weezy is talking to Mannie Fresh and Juvenile about jointly putting together a new album.

Celtic Krewe

Tara O'Grady Talks Irish Bayou, NOLA, Parades

When Tara O’Grady touches down in New Orleans on Tuesday (5.12) night, it will only be her sixth visit to the Crescent City. However, NOLA holds a special place in her heart, nipping at the heels of her ancestral home, Ireland. In fact, the vocalist was so moved by her last visit that she recorded Irish Bayou, an album mixing the sounds of the two locales.

Roots Royalty

Luke Winslow King Talks About his Latest Release

If the Blues and BBQ Fest on Friday (10.17,) does not slake your thirst for NOLA music, swing by the Blue Nile to catch an album release party of Luke Winslow King’s latest compilation Everlasting Arms. The show is slated for 10p.m. after the festival in Lafayette Square finishes up. Little Freddie King will play with Luke to showcase a project they’ve been working on together, and trumpeter Johnny Sansonne is set to play the next set. Everlasting Arms stacked shelves on September 30th and celebrates an array of jazz, blues and rock sounds. King spoke to NoDef about the work.


Lost Bayou Ramblers Release Live Album

Gasa Gasa Live the newest album from Grammy-nominated Cajun rock band Lost Bayou Ramblers is a combination of a happy accident and a pure unadulterated love for music. The band recorded the album May 2nd at Gasa Gasa (4920 Freret Street). According to Louis Michot vocalist for the band, the product is a “perfect snapshot of the band at the time.” 

Letter to Big Sam & His Funky Nation

A NoDef Album Review

King of the Party

Big Sam’s Funky Nation


Dear Big Sam,


You say you’re the king of the party, and I’m inclined to believe you.

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