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Defender Picks


Oranges't Ya Coming? Ingram Courts Auburn Allumn

Almost exactly a year ago, Mark Ingram learned that he would remain a Saint. In the time since, the visibly relaxed running back has whole-heartedly embraced New Orleans. Now, he is even helping the Saints out in their effort to recruit free agent defensive tackle Nick Fairley.

Hangout Fest Drops 2016 Lineup

Take that NOLA fests! In an apparent effort to preempt the big spring festival lineup announcements, Gulf Shores’ Hangout Fest issued a surprise release of their 2016 schedule today. Headliners include The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, and Florence + the Machine.

Room 220

Margaret Eby on Exploring Towns and Homes of the Southern Literary Canon

Birmingham, Alabama, native Margaret Eby returned South from her adopted home in New York City to write a travelogue about the towns where the stories of the Southern canon take place, as well as the authors who lived and worked in them. The result of her visits to Jackson, Mississippi, Monroeville, Alabama, Oxford, Mississippi, New Orleans, and other haunts is a new book, South Towards Home: Travels in Southern Literature.

Bama's Buffoons Answered With Tasteful Tweets (& Some Weezy)

With The Game, only minutes away, the LSU-Alabama rivalry is finding it’s way onto some high profile Twitter accounts today. The reaction to a tasteless affront to New Orleans has bene met with calls for Leonard Fournette to see red against the Crimson Tide. And, of course, Weezie felt the need to weigh in on some pregame predictions.

150 Miles Denied

by Ashley Rouen

Louisiana’s Unsafe Abortion Act has researchers at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) scratching their heads. The law requires clinics offering abortion services to have hospital admitting privileges, which has already caused widespread closure of clinics leaving only five left in the State. Three are currently engaged in a lawsuit that could shut them down as well, including one clinic in Metairie. A UCSF study released March 4 found that the law would force Louisiana women to travel 150 miles or more to seek treatment. 

Bloody Sunday Revisited

NOLA Group Plans Montgomery Trip to Mark Civil Rights Milestone

On March 6-8 the cities of Montgomery and Selma, Alabama will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. New Orleans will be represented at the commemoration by VIET (Vietnamese Initiatives in Economic Training), a local group making to the trip to Montgomery. VIET is an organization that “works to develop educational and economic training programs and act as a resource center for minority residents in Louisiana.” They are taking 55 people from the community on a three day trip to Montgomery. 

Hangout Fest Drops 2015 Lineup

On Monday (1.12), Jazzfest released their 2015 lineup. In the rush to discuss the relative merits of Sir Elton John and Pitbull, many missed a second lineup announcement. Gulf Shores’ Hangout Fest also released the roster for their 2015 incarnation.

Committees Dish Bowl: Wolf Pack, OSU, Tide Rolling to Dome, LSU to Nashville

Despite, a disappointing season for SoLa in both pro and college football, there are still bowl games to look forward to. LSU was gifted the opportunity to finish the season in style. The Ragin’ Cajuns have found an appointment for their annual romp in da Dome, and it looks ‘Bama will be back in town in 2015.

Tennessean: "Mettenberger 'Roll-Tided' a Lot Since Sucker Punch"

LSU allumn, Zach Mettenberger is no stranger to taking hits from Alabamans, but the blows are normally delivered on the field. On Saturday, the quarterback, now with the NFL's Tennessee Titans, maintaned a sense of humor about being punched in the face by a 'Bama fan as well being ribbed by his new teammates.

Sugar Rush: Bama Fan Attacks OU Fan in Superdome (VIDEO)

In the tradition of the Krystal Burger teabagger, a Bama bowl game in New Orleans wouldn't be complete without a Crimson Tide fan taking it out on the other side. In Thursday night's Sugar Bowl, Alabama found themselves on the losing side of the score at the expense of Oklahoma. In a video making the rounds Friday, it appears one Bama fan in the crowd went straight to the Sooners fans to vent her frustrations.

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