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Havilah Malone's Top 10 Tips for Success

Earlier this week, NoDef spoke with Havilah Malone, best-selling author, public speaker, and media entrepreneur. Her latest project, a children's book adaptation of Napoleon Hill's iconic 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, is titled The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill. During the conversation, Malone kindly shared her top ten pieces of advice for personal & professional development. Read on for her wise words.

Slow Down, Loosen Up

Opinion: A T-Shirt Inspires Life Advice

On my most recent return to New Orleans, I was privileged to deliver a lecture to a collection of honors undergraduate religion scholars. While back in town several days, I took in some of the local fare, sights, libations, and culture. While having lunch one afternoon Uptown, I saw a young woman wearing a shirt that caught my eye. The shirt was all black with only white lettering and featured a hand offering the familiar "peace sign." In a circle around the hand, almost as if to form a logo of sorts, I read the words: "Slow Down. Loosen Up."

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