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Defender Picks


Drinking Culture

Dropping A Dime On Barcadia

Gentle reader, as sojourners in this life we must take our entertainment where we find it. The dive bar and the neighborhood bar please us well. But let us indulge our curiosity and step inside an establishment that can be many places at once, brushing by geography and local culture like the broadcast of a syndicated television program. It’s time to take a peek into a chain bar – if only a regional chain bar. We’re off for a game or two, and perhaps a drink, at Barcadia.

Drinking Culture

A Generational Journey at Henry's

Gentle reader, brick and mortar, stock and stone… A clever concept, rubber-stamped by some bloodless investor… The Bar must be more than these. The Bar, my friends, provides. For the friendless, it is society. For the friends, a place to meet. For the old man, it is remembrance. And for the youth to cut their teeth.

Drinking Culture

Plotting a Course at the Chart Room

Gentle reader, the sun had set on a day so humid I could have taken my betta fish for a walk. An old street magician in a weathered top hat sat on my right stroking a wild beard. A drunken Australian sat on my left looking quite sober, but I knew damned-well how much he’d had to drink. A Frenchmen Street record store manager teetered nearby a French Quarter waiter. A conventioneer squinted one eye, gripping a Budweiser like he’d forgotten it was in his hand. We were talking global monetary policy – the Financial Crisis. Typical as taxes, really, for the Chart Room. 

Drinking Culture

Sailing the Lafitte Greenway to the Mid City Yacht Club

Gentle reader, New Orleans is not widely known as a seat of ambition. The New Orleanian is wont to retire late, and often rises only after the sun has warmed the broken streets. Indeed le bon-temps was, at first, a pejorative in reference to idlers. But great works are afoot, my friends! Works to inspire – at least inspiring enough to fix my goddamned bike tire. Let us then take a tour and see what industrious hands have wrought. We’re off for the new Lafitte Greenway, en route to a drink at the Mid City Yacht Club. 

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