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Defender Picks


Bel Lobs: Edwards Gets In Mud

David Vitter is almost synonymous with harsh, mud slinging attack ads. During this weekend’s LSU-Alabama fiasco, the senator got a taste of his own medicine. Democratic contender John Bel Edwards unleashed a vicious television spot attacking Vitter for his past problems with prostitution and a missed vote in Congress.

Vitter Muddies the Waters

Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne nipping at David Vitter’s heels in the latest round of gubernatorial polls and the heir apparent is feeling the heat. Vitter responded to his sinking numbers by turning on the hose and lobbing some mud at his opponents this week.

Hot Spots

Election season arrived along with football season. With registration over, the push for votes is in overdrive. All four candidates eying the mansion in Baton Rouge are pushing their cause through the miracles of modern video. NoDef has the highlights after the jump.

Sidney Torres Takes Crime Reality to TV (Videos)

Sidney Torres is no stranger  to reality or television. Today, he continued to push the cause of fighting crime in the Quarter on the small screen. The retired trash baron’s “Keep the French Quarter Safe” campaign is starting to gain some clarity. The group now has an objective: the creation of a “plan” by city government. To push that goal, Torres released another two TV spots.

Landrieu Ad Blitz (VIDEO)

Updated 1.3, 11 a.m.

With the holidays behind us, the season of Landrieus running for office is officially here, and what better to herald their arrival than TV commercials. A pair of new ads released this week will probably look a lot like many of the spots about Mitch and Mary in the coming weeks and months.

Morris Bart Does Not Admit Defeat

Morris Bart was left wondering what lawyer-like personality to don yesterday as a federal court issued a mixed ruling on his bid to keep the state from regulating what he can say on TV. In response to a Bart-led challenge of new state rules that limited what he could say on TV thathe filed with other legal groups, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that celebrity appearances, client testimonials and staged courtroom scenes do not amount to deception. But, the dramatized courtroom scenes will have to be labelled as such, and catchy mottos about getting results will have to be reined in.

Brown & Gold ?#!?

So, basically, Drew Brees (+Wife+Child) are doing pampers ads. They are as entertaining as you would hope. Watch it! Nuf' said.
Liprapp offers the video and all the necessary exploration

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