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Defender Picks


Low Brow: Davis Could Lose 23 MIl

Anthony Davis’ season came to a disappointing end on Sunday (3.20) when the Pelicans announced that the franchise’s star is done for the season due to injury. The Brow is most likely just as frustrated as Birds fans whose playoff hopes are all but destroyed at this point. After all, Davis stands to lose 23 million dollars on account of his early departure.


Birds Lay Egg In Opener, But Look Ahead

The Birds are the word and it’s time to take flight. The Pelican’s season kicked off against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday (10.27) night. They lost against the defending champions, 111-95. Fortunately it’s an 82 game season and in no way, fate has been written. 

Muddy Water Coalition

Anti-Vitter PACs Attack (Videos)

David Vitter has his haters. While the man from Metaire has not been shy about tossing a few cowpies at his rivals, the nastiest return fire is coming from political action committees. These PACs are no run of the mill Citizens United. No, two groups have been formed specifically to push an “anyone but Vitter” agenda and they are dropping millions on ads. 

Tulane Adds Boy of Summer

Summer has yielded to autumn, but up at Tulane all eyes are still on the hot season. The University’s Summer Lyric Theatre announced that Michael McKelvey will take the helm as the new Artistic Director succeeding B. Michael Howard.

Brownie Crunch

Michael “heckuva job Brownie” Brown is back. First, presidential candidate Jeb Bush released a video touting in his hurricane management bonafides that includes some footage of the former Florida Gov alongside Brownie. However, Bush is not the only one feeling forgiving about the former FEMA chief. Brownie, himself, penned a longform piece for Politico titled, “Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina.”

Guillory Rants About N-Word (Video)

State Senator Elbert is a Democrat turned Republican running for Lieutenant Governor. He explained his 2013 party switch by comparing the Democratic Party to slavery and a plantation. If that was not enough controversy, a few weeks ago Guillory ran a campaign quote that included a LBJ with the N-word. Responding to criticism of that commercial, Guillory doubled down and released a new ad in which he drops the N-bomb seven times.

Blue Tube: NOPD's SuperBowl Ad

The Super Bowl seems of little interest to Saints fans. Most locals are more geared up for the commercials than the game. One advertisement, in particular, in sure to resonate with WhoDats. The New Orleans Poice Department (NOPD) are running a local spot during the big game.

Pelicans See the Special Man

I say, I say, I say, Frankie & Johnny’s days as a furniture powerhouse have passed, but their ad campaign lives on. In local lore, the Special Man holds a hallowed position along with the likes of Morgus and Mr. Bingle. The ads even gained a national following when NOLAphile Conan O’Brien began featuring them in running jokes. Now, the Pelicans are getting in on the game.

Trash Talk: Landrieu, Torres Spar

Sidney D. Torres IV is out of the waste industry, but the local mogul is still concerned about the Quarter being trashed. After the downtown crime wave struck home with SDT, he launched an aggressive campaign to demand action from the City. The Mayor, an adversary from past contract negotiations, did not appreciate the critique. Torres has quickly become embroiled in a very public tangle with Perdido Street.

Man Posts "Missed Connections" Ad for his Mugger

One New Orleanian is using the internet to reach out to his alleged mugger. After a nasty robbery on St. Claude Avenue near Touro Street, the victim posted a message to the stranger in the night on craigslist’s “Missed Connections” section. The ad includes romantic thoughts like, “You play rough. I kinda like that. I'd give you my number but you stole my phone.”

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