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Defender Picks


Chill Out

Tips For Beating the Heat

With the heat of July now in full force, citizens of New Orleans are seeking the shelter of their air-conditioned homes. But what about when there’s live music to be hear or a festival to attend? How do you survive the heat and humidity then? Luckily, NoDef has compiled some tips on how to beat the heat.

Hot Goods: AC Bandits Strike in the East (Video)

Ten years after the storm, the scrap metal economy has slowed down and “copper mining” is no longer a household term. However, the issue has not fully dissipated. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) is searching for a duo wanted for stealing air conditioning units in the East.

AC Gets Cra-Z

Anderson Cooper received a degree from Tulane, and then imparted some, uh, unorthodox advice to the graduates. He advised them on their future, not to mention their immediate future. In the short term, he advised them to get laid. “Hey listen — you’re not going to see most of these people again, so go for it.” More juicy bits here.

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