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Defender Picks


Beard Goggles

Be it beads or rhinestones, New Orleanians like their bling. And, on Tuesday (2.15), several local restaurants move one step closer to take home a big, shiny medal. Nine NOLA establishments made the cut as finalists for the 2016 James Beard Awards.

Beard Barons

New Orleanians know that the food here is outstanding, but sometimes a little affirmation is nice. On Wednesday (2.17), the James Beard Foundation released their list of 2015 awards semifinalists.

NoDef Nods

2015's Top Political Stories

2015 is ready to fade into Carnival Season and it is once again time to look back at the past year. This year, we will be leading off the annual NoDef Nods with the politics edition. Louisiana had a big election this year and Governor Jindal fizzled out in an even bigger contest. Then, there was the smoking ban and the monumental fight. And, of course, crime.

Well Seasoned

The Saints and LSU’s Tigers are not the only locals dealing with the end of a season. On a positive note, today, December 1st, marks the end the 2015 Hurricane Season. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast escaped the cautionary period without any significant storms.

Second Line Alert: Men & Ladies Buck Jumpers (Route)

The Saints may be struggling but there are plenty of other happenings this Sunday. Today (11.29) is the 31st Anniversary Original New Orleans Lady Buckjumpers & Men Buckjumpers Annual Parade. The group will be strutting their stuff at one of the season's best second lines.

Stompin' Time

In New York City, there is a little parade annually that involves no open containers, no throws, and a lot of cold. So, New Orleanians have taken to heading up north to offer a clinic in proper parading. On Thursday (11.26), the 610 Stompers will return to Gotham for their second appearance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Birds Lay Egg In Opener, But Look Ahead

The Birds are the word and it’s time to take flight. The Pelican’s season kicked off against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday (10.27) night. They lost against the defending champions, 111-95. Fortunately it’s an 82 game season and in no way, fate has been written. 

Ballin': Pels' Roster Ready

The NBA season starts on Tuesday (10.27) and the Pelicans are just about ready. Today, the team announced a final round of three cuts to bring the roster below the league mandated maximum.

All Hail!

Endymion Reveal Means Carnival is Close

Mardi Gras 2016 will fall on February 9th. That means a high chance of cold weather and not-as-skimpy-as-normal costumes. It also means that preparations begin early. By early, we mean today. Mid-City favorites, the Krewe of Endymion just announced details for their 2016 roll and Extravaganza.

Decadence Daily: 9.06.15

Southern Decadence is peaking today. In the afternoon, all eyes will be on the annual walking parade. But, once the sun drops the real party gets going. Underwear Disco Dance, The Block Party, and a bear bash are just a few of the offerings. Click through for the details.

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