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Defender Picks



Hornets Come Back to Ground Hawks, 111-100

Last night, the Hornets donned their Mardi Gras uniforms, gold trim with purple on one side and green on the other. The attire was perfectly aproposfor this tale of two matches against the rival Hawks from Atlanta.

Blackout Bowl on Tweetosphere

With football fans left in the dark for 35 minutes, they took to their thumbs and twiddled with their tweets.  The #blackoutbowl hashtag began trending almost immediately, with some blaming Beyonce’s bootylisciousness, reliving Ray Lewis’ checkered and violent past, even a video game icon wished he could’ve saved the day with his magic. By far however, the winner in the Twit-o-sphere last night was Oreo, with a short, simple and effective reminder that at least you can still dunk in the dark.

Super Bowl Blackout, Entergy Tweets Divert Blame

Updated 12 a.m.

New Orleanians are good with power outages, but our out of state friends might be less patient. At 7:37pm, with 13:22 minutes left in the third quarter of the Super Bowl, half of the lights, including the scoreboard and press box, went out in the Superdome. The Ravens were ahead 28 to 6 when the stadium lost power. 

Where to Watch Super Bowl XLVII

Super Sunday Food and Drink Specials from the Riverbend to the Quarter

Most Big Easy residents will be watching the game from the comfort of their own living rooms, or their favorite bar stools. Here are some restaurants and bars with giant screens and good deals for the big game.

Today in New Orleans 2.3.13

The big game is here! Whether you’re a football fan or not, there’s live music, theatre, art, and more to entertain you. See live NOLA artists on the riverfront, catch the last night of a play at the Shadowbox, or head to Amps for Mannie Fresh. On this day in 1820, slavery was officially prohibited in the western territory of the Louisiana Purchase. Now, more on NOLA Super Sunday.

Roger Goodell Feels Welcome in New Orleans for the Super Bowl

Having a target around his face apparently doesn't bother Roger Goodell. In fact, the NFL Commissioner seems to like it. After taking his turn on Reddit earlier this week, the man responsible for Bountygate gave his pre-Super Bowl presser on Friday morning, where he praised the people of New Orleans for putting his face in every restaurant (as a man not to serve) and depict him on Mardi Gras floats (in a Krewe du Vieux float. There was a vagina eating him).

Mitch Ross Hawks Deer Antler Spray Before Super Bowl in New Orleans

In addition to being a football game, the Super Bowl is a media feeding frenzy. Nowhere this week has that been more evident than the controversy surrounding the muscle building substance deer antler spray and Baltimore Ravens hero Ray Lewis' alleged sampling of said performance enhancer. After letting the controversy swirl for a week, the extract's proponent Mitch Ross popped up in New Orleans today to talk up his product.

Harbowl Hype: Super Bowl Coaches Talk Mom, New Orleans' People and the Third Harbaugh

After Media Day Tuesday, more press conferences Wednesday and an appearance by the Harbaugh parents on Thursday, it may seem like there's nothing more to be said about the Harbowl. But Super Bowl XLVII head coaching bros John and Jim Harbaugh saved one last morsel for the end of the week. Turns out, there's a Harbaugh secret weapon.

Faulk Talk

9th Ward Native Marshall Faulk Talks New Orleans, Bountygate, and Spygate

The 10th NOLA Super Bowl is a national event, but as we learned yesterday, many in the NFL aren't traveling as tourists. One of the many famous New Orleanians to return home is Hall of Fame running back and current NFL analyst Marshall Faulk. NoDef caught up with the legend this morning and talked about New Orleans food, injury politics and a pair of 'gates.

Hornets Out-Jazzed 104-99

The Hornets played themselves out of a win Wednesday night, falling to the Utah Jazz 104-99. This one was there for the taking, as we trailed by 2-3 possessions for long stretches. Coming off a 45-point loss to the Rockets, and lacking Mo Williams and Gordon Hayward, the Jazz left the door wide open for New Orleans to nab a win. But we displayed faulty execution, missed open looks, careless turnovers and lackadaisical defense when it mattered. The Hornets have lost four of the last five, falling to 15-31 for the season.

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