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City Council Puts Lockdown on Riverbend Liquor Licenses Despite Jimmy's Music Club Protests

A moratorium on the issuance of new alcohol permits in the Riverbend area was reinstated today, and the beloved Jimmy’s Music Club (8200 Willow) falls within the bounds. Local outcry for the future of Jimmy's Music Club, began yesterday, when the owners went public about their City Council struggle to get back in business. Although the moratorium does not legally prevent the owners from obtaining a new alcohol permit, many spoke in opposition of the new ordinance, including Deacon John.

Liquor Lockdown: Moratorium Threatens Future of Jimmy's Music Club

After a long hiatus, Jimmy's Music Club temporarily reopened to host a few 1980's-inspired reunion shows, but the future of the local music venue is at stake. District A Councilmember Susan Guidry plans to reinstate a moratorium over Jimmy’s Riverbend neighborhood (8200 Willow), which would strip the club of its liquor license. Owners contend that Guidry’s use of the ordinance is illegal, citing a provision in the law that deals with time limits.

La. GOP Goes After Mary Landrieu for Hosting 'Gun Grabbin' Joe Biden

by William Dilella

The Louisiana GOP is gunning for Mary Landrieu. Apparently looking to take an early snipe at the state's senior senator, State Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere, released a statement to the media Tuesday asking that senior Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu cancel a weekend fundraiser, which is to be hosted by (in Villere's own words) "Gun-grabbin" Vice President Joe Biden.

City Planning Commission Nixes Proposed Frenchmen Venue

This afternoon, The City Planning Commission silenced chatter about a new venue on Frenchmen Street. Developers of Bamboula, a bar, resto, and live music venue to move into the building that was formerly Laborde's printing, went before the Commissioners on January 8 to plead their case for conditional use permits. After deferring judgment following the hearing, The City Planning Commission denied the applicant’s request today in the Chambers based on the size and nature intended for the new space.

Jindal Sharpens Tax Axe

Watchdog: Eliminating Income, Corporate Taxes Could Cost More for Low-Income Workers

Following Gov. Bobby Jindal's administration intimations of a proposal to eliminate income and corporate taxes in the coming year, legislative watchdog groups have been abuzz with the potential aspects of the plan, and what they could signal for Louisiana's future.

State Treasurer John Kennedy: Consider Other Options for State's Lower Mid-City Hospital

MID-CITY - As state treasurer, John Kennedy usually deals with investments, cash flow and the state's finances. But he waded outside of his day-to-day arena Tuesday night, discussing health care and hospitals with a large group of locals at Canal Street's Grace Episcopal Church. Standing at a single mic in the center of the floor for all of the two hour session, Kennedy lamented the lack of a large, state-run hospital in New Orleans.

Cogito Virgo Sum: Shifting Alignments Blamed On Stars, For Once Not a Dodge

Yesterday's revelation that our calendar hasn't been properly aligned with the constellations for quite some time now had office workers everywhere spinning off the axis of their desk chairs. If that sent you into identity crisis, imagine what the change in zodiac sign dates did to the public figures who spend years crafting their distinctive personalities so the public can more easily love (or hate) them. In concert with a new amalgamated partnership being touted as the Armchair Astrological Pundits' Association, NoDef took a look at how the change in star signs would effect a handful of NOLA notables. Thankfully, no one surveyed falls into the uncharted territory that is Ophiuchus. Results after the jump!

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