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Phil Robertson: Same Sex Marriage "Evil" (Video)

For better or worse, Phil Robertson has become one of Louisiana’s highest profile personalities. And, recently, it feels a lot like the days when Bobby Jindal held that dubious distinction. While stumping for Ted Cruz in Iowa, the Duck Commander star assailed same sex marriage, labelling the institution “evil” and a sign “depravity” in America.

Mayor Mitch Reacts to #BlackLivesMatter Protest (Video)

This week, Mitch Landrieu joined almost 300 American other mayors in Washington D.C. for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Landrieu was front and center for the group’s opening remarks. That position also meant that Mitch was front and center when a Black Lives Matter protestor interrupted said opening remarks.

Bel Edwards Era Begins

"There is seriously a lot of work ahead of us!"

Bobby Jindal is no longer the governor of Louisiana. On Monday (1.11), John Bel Edwards was sworn in by Chief Justice Bernette Johnson as the Pelican’s State’s latest governor in a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol. An uplifiting speech calling for unity and change then followed.

R.I.P. C.B. Forgotston

C.B. Forgotston served as the conscience of government in Louisiana for decades both within the system and then later as a pioneer of digital media in the state. On Sunday (1.03) evening, he died at the age of 70 years old according to “The Advocate.”

The Year in Jindal

Bobby J's Top Quotes in 2015

Bobby Jindal did not spend much of 2016 in Louisiana. Still, local voters received a hearty serving of soundbites from da Gov’. With his term nearing an end and his ill fated campaign rolled up, we won’t have too much Bobby in 2016. So, NoDef is looking back at our favorite Jindal quotes from 2015 on everything from Trump to discrimination.

La Delegations Parts With Bipartisan

On Friday (12.18), Congress passed a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill with broad bipartisan support. The rare across-the-aisle vote was seen as a victory for new Speaker Paul Ryan and the inclusion of a proviso allowing for American oil exports was seen as a win for Louisiana’s energy heavy economy. However, several prominent names from the Pelican State cast their ballots against the bill.

Have A Cao Man

The race to replace David Vitter in the U.S. Senate is getting crowded. On Tuesday (12.15), former Congressman Anh Joseph Cao shot off an email to supporters that detailed his plans to seek the soon-to-be vacant office on Capitol Hill.

Vitter Won't Play Trump Card

David Vitter will be soon be trading the Beltway for the I-10. However, following his gubernatorial defeat, the senator is making the most out of his final days in the corridors of power. This week Vitter provided one of the few dissenting votes to the so-called “Trump Amendment.”

Cain Caves

No bull. Burl Cain is resigning his position as warden at of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola and director of the state’s most popular rodeo. Like much of his 21 year tenure running the maximum security prison, Cain’s departure is marked by controversy.

Cantrell's Monumental Flip-Flop

Council member LaToya Cantrell, author of the smoking ban, flip-flopped on monument removal citing divisiveness. In an 11th hour statement released Wednesday (12.09) night, Cantrell announced that she now favors keeping four controversial Confederate monuments.

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