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Details for Election Day

Saturday (3.05), all the hype of the presidential primaries finally yields to an opportunity for actual action. Whether you want to make America great again, think it's great now, wish to fight income inequality, or just feel that the Kasich Action Plan is underappreciated, your chance to hit the polls is today! All the details follow.

The Good Husband

by Christopher Romaguera

Ahead of Saturday's (3.05) Louisiana primary, Bill Clinton held a rally in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign at the Ashé Powerhouse Theater (1731 Baronne Street.) Clinton, who spoke in Baton Rouge on Thursday, kept the rally focused on what Hillary Clinton brings to the table, straying away from mentioning fellow Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, or any of the Republican candidates, by name. 

Trump Marred

Donald Trump is coming to town tomorrow and the crowds are expected to be yuge. However, not all of the locals heading to the rally are fans of the GOP frontrunner. A rally titled, “Trumpets Trump Drumpf” is planned to protest against the candidate.

Primary Colors

Election Day in Louisiana is a less than a week away. With the the primaries in full swing, the political circus set up their tent in the Pelican State. This weekend, Hillary Clinton picked up a slew of endorsements and bought a VIP to town while Donald Trump also gained a nod in Louisiana.

Mayor Mitch Stumps For Hillary (Video)

Mayor Mitch took a break from local politics to dip his toes into the national pool this weekend. Landrieu headed to South Carolina where he stumped for Hillary Clinton on Saturday (2.20) and Sunday (2.21).

Early Herds

The presidential candidates dominated the news cycles in recent days with pivotal primaries in Nevada and South Carolina this weekend. Here, in Louisiana, voting began on a smaller scale on Saturday (2.20). In Orleans Parish, four locations, including City Hall, are open for early voting all week.

H-Bomb: Mitch Endorses Hillary

Mayor Mitch is not feeling the Bern. On Wednesday, Landrieu weighed in on the Democratic primary. In a written statement, the Mayor threw his support behind Hillary Clinton and likened Bernie Sanders platform to the “tooth fairy.”

La Politicos React to Scalia Passing

On Saturday, new of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death broke. Louisiana’s top elected leaders reacted to the judge’s passing with a mix of mourning and lots of the reverence that one would expect form the conservative delegation. Oh yeah, and Bobby Jindal weighed in with some political alarmism.

Trump Swings in the Red Stick

The antiestablishment refrains were there also. “Politicians are all talk and no actions. These politicians — the blood suckers, I call them the blood suckers — we’ve got to get rid of them.”

Metry Feels The Bern

Metaire may be David Vitter’s hometown, but right now residents are feeling the Bern. Surging Democratic dark horse Bernie Sanders opened a campaign office in the New Orleans suburb on Sunday (1.31).

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