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Mayor Mitch Landrieu to U.S. Mayors: We Must 'Occupy the Radical Center'

Mitch Landrieu is now at the helm of the US Conference of Mayors (USCM), as president of this long-standing, vital organization. His leadership comes at a time when the organization is arguably making its biggest impact in its 75 years of existence by spearheading a nationwide city-led initiative to meet the Paris Climate Accord’s CO2 emissions cap, while doing so in a way designed to preserve environmental resiliency, coastal resiliency, and economic opportunity.


Mayor Mitch Landrieu to Address U.S. Conference of Mayors as 75th President

Further adding fuel to the potentially presidential fire, it was announced Friday that Mayor Mitch Landrieu will deliver an address at the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) on Monday, June 26th in Miami Beach. 


The Price Tag for Health Care

What the Senate GOP Health Care Bill Means for Louisiana

On January 12th, 2016, John Bel Edwards sat down at his desk on his second day of office as Governor of Louisiana. His predecessor Bobby Jindal had depleted the state budget (which prior was experiencing a rare surplus) to a $2 billion deficit. Edwards signed an executive order to allow an influx of $184 million in federal dollars to the state economy, as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA had been passed, Louisiana was subject to it, Jindal just refused to accept the money. As Edwards said, “the easiest decision I will ever make as governor.”


Who Comes Next?

Paul Trévigne: From L'Union to Plessy v. Ferguson

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes during the Civil War era who could serve as positive replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about the South's first black newspaper editor, Paul Trévigne.


Mayoral Candidates LaToya Cantrell and Michael Bagneris to Take Part in Town Hall Forum

New Orleans is just a few short months away from seeing its leadership change — as Mitch Landrieu’s tenure as mayor comes to a close, the race to see who will take his mantle has quickly intensified. On Saturday, two of the top contenders in the race, Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell and Judge Michael Bagneris, will meet with community members for a major public forum. 

Who Comes Next?

Michael Hahn vs. a Brick

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes during the Civil War era who could serve as positive replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about Louisiana politician Michael Hahn. 

Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise Shot in Virginia Shooting

Update 6.16, 2:30PM

Louisiana representative Steve Scalise, along with two other Republican Washington cohorts, was shot this morning near the nation’s capitol, in Alexandria, Virginia. Current reports state that Scalise is in critical condition. 


Brock Long Backed by Senate for FEMA Position

Almost two weeks into what is predicted to be an “explosive" hurricane season, the Trump administration has yet to install a leader for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). On Monday (6.12), it was reported that a Senate panel confirmed the nomination of Brock Long to head up the agency. 

The Cost of the Affordable Housing Crisis

What is the State of Living in New Orleans?

Cities across the country are in the throes of an affordable housing crisis. While metropolitan cities like Houston, Brooklyn, and San Francisco all face growing rental problems that, in many ways, are more severe than the state of housing in the Crescent City, the crisis here threatens the vital identity of the New Orleans. As the city approaches the threshold where urban development and gentrification threaten to displace residents with deep generational ties, many New Orleanians forced out will take their unique cultural and legacy with them.

Needle Exchange Programs Officially Authorized By State of Louisiana

Locally-run needle exchange programs were officially authorized by the state on June 3rd as Governor Edwards signed bill HB250 into law. The bill, sponsored by Representative Steven Plyant (R), declared that the state “shall not prohibit the establishment and implementation of a needle exchange program within the jurisdiction of a local governing authority.” While the law does not devote any specific funding from the state for local needle exchange programs, or provide any mandate that localities develop programs of their own, it is without question a big step towards the development of resources for harm reduction across Louisiana. 

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