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Defender Picks



March 1st

Cult Fiction

PubliQ House, 9p.m.

This month, catch "The Dude" on the big screen in The Big Lebowski


The Southern Hootenaney

Siberia, 6-9p.m.

Freaksheaux to Geaux Fearless Femmes


Hannibal Buress

Civic Theater, 9p.m.

Comedian has some funny things to say about New Orleans



Mid-City Theater, 6p.m.

Last night to catch a comedic retelling of Dumas' classic tale


3rd Annual Musician's Clinic Benefit & Jamie Galloway Memorial

Maple Leaf, 3p.m.

Big Ass Party and Crawfish Boil!


6th Annual Recycled Fashion Show

Rock n Bowl, 6p.m.

Thrift store finds turned haute couture all for a cause


Hemingway's Loop

by Ashley Rouen

While the smoking ban passed with flying colors, it’s still creating some upset and confusion in the community, particularly for cigar bars, since no definition of a cigar bar currently exists in city law. Though cigar bars were grandfathered in when the smoking ban passed (meaning existing cigar bars may continue to operate but no new cigar bars can be created,) one such bar, La Habana Hemingway Cigar Bar located in the French Quarter, got some special treatment on Thursday at the City Council’s Regular Meeting (2.26.)

Born To Run: Jindal Courts Conservative PACs Amidst Budget Crisis

Bobby Jindal is often criticized for spending nearly as much time out of Louisiana as he does in state. But, Bobby J is not a man to be burdened with critics. On the eve of a budget crisis, the Governor has lined up a series of speaking engagements at heavyweight conservative gatherings. Louisiana Democrats are not impressed.

Slash & Burn

Legislature OK's Another $36.4 Mil in Cuts

The old saying goes, “The first cut is the deepest.” Yet, in the case of Louisiana’s budget, it seems that the cuts just keep coming. On Friday (2.20), the legislature’s Joint Budget Committee approved their $36.4 million portion of the $60.7 million budget cut proposed by Bobby Jindal’s office.

Brothers in Harm: Bobby J Won't Condemn Giuliani

After former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that President Obama “doesn’t love America,” he drew plenty of fire including condemnations from his own party. Although Bobby Jindal’s recent trips to Iowa and England seem like an effort to fall into line with the G.O.P. before the primaries, he did not go with the flow this time. Instead, he tacitly supported the Mayor.

Right of Way: Rand Paul Backs Vitter for Gov'

While Louisiana’s Governor seems focused on the GOP’s presidential primary, one likely bold faced name in that election is turning his attention to Louisiana’s gubernatorial race. On Tuesday (2.10), Senator Rand Paul officially endorsed fellow senator David Vitter for the job.

A for Effort? Bobby J Rolls Out National Education Plan

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to the education debate. He also knows a thing or two about setting up a national campaign without declaring a bid for office. Today, da Gov’ combined the habits, rolling out his plan to “fix” education in America at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington D.C.

Shoe Krewe Taps Zemanick

After multiple award nominations, Chef Sue Zemanick of Ivy netted a coveted James Beard Award, winning for the Best Chef: South category last May. Now, she has netted another honor. Zemanick will reign as “Honorary Muse” during the all-female krewe’s parade on February 12.

David Duke Mulls Run for Scalise's Seat

Steve Scalise first took fire from the left for his speaking gig at a David Duke affiliated conference. Now, Scalise is taking fire from Duke himself. The former Grand Wizard of the KKK took to the airwaves to blast the House Majority Whip for “selling out.” In an interview with Jim Engster, Duke even mulled a run for Scalise’s seat.

Cuban Evolution

By Chris Romaguera

The Cuba Hoy Conference (“Cuba Today” for those who don’t have Google Translate) will run from March 14th-21st. Coordinated by At the Threshold, the International Cuba Society, and the University of Havana, the gathering is “the first trip of its kind to Havana, combining law and policy seminars, and cultural and business encounters between citizens of the United States and Cuba.” Seminars will focus on four key areas for Cuba and Louisiana: property and foreign investment, balancing historic preservation and urban revitalization, energy development and environmental considerations, and disaster resilience. 

Libertarians Bash Ban

Today, Mayor Mitch signed the smoking ban into law setting a 90 day countdown into motion. Many groups applauded the move, but the Orleans Parish affiliate of the Libertarian Party was not amongst the well-wishers. The third party views the new law as an assault on personal liberties. Chairman Michael Dodd wrote a letter expressing as much.

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