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Defender Picks



Paper Trail: Congresso Rallies at City Hall for Undocumented Workers

By Ashley Rouen

The Congress of Day Laborers or “Congresso” took to the streets today to protest deportation tactics and the NOPD’s cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). About 100 Latin Americans, construction workers and children gathered along with allies of the LGBTQ community and U.S. Human Rights Network to for children affected by the deportation of their undocumented parents.

Approach the Bench: Forum to Host Candidates for Judge

Given all the air time that the Senate race is pulling, some citizens are confused about their choices in the other elections. Fortunately, concerned voters will have a chance to hear from candidates for judge last night. The 2014 Orleans Parish Judicial Candidates Forum will allow those who aspire to the juvenile and criminal benches to appeal directly to the people on Wednesday (10.22) from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at the Touro Synagogue (4238 St. Charles Avenue). 

Wisdom of Elders: Landrieu Picks Up Senior Endorsement

By Ashley Larsen

The gloves are coming off in the senate race. Mary Landrieu received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM) yesterday, October 21st. NCPSSM is one the largest advocacy groups to protect the federal benefits for seniors in the country. Max Richtman, the President and CEO of the coalition, presented Landrieu with a pair of boxing gloves at the event in New Orleans to help prepare her to “fight” for Social Security and Medicare.

Pair of ExO's from Jindal: Ebola & Sexual Assault

By Ashley Rouen

Bobby Jindal may be spending a lot of time campaigning out of Louisiana, but he still found time to issue a pair of executive orders effective Monday (10.20). The first action is similar to the Ebola policy that he has made a talking point on the (unofficial) campaign trail. The second statement tackles public outcry over a series of policies that burden and “double bill” the victims of sexual assaults.

Order in the Court: Criminal Court Judicial Candidates on the Issues

On Election Day, New Orleanians will be picking judges as well as legislators. While the Senate race has generated a national media frenzy, the judge positions have slipped under the radar making the choice a bit more difficult. Fortunately, NoDef’s friends at WYES-TV are making the choice a little easier. As part of their ongoing initiative RESHAPING A GREATER NEW ORLEANS: CRIMINAL JUSTICE, in partnership with ProjectJusticeNOLA, hey invited Criminal District Court Judge candidates to answer the following questions about court governance, efficiency, and policy. 

Lighthouse Dims

GSA Policy Shift Leads to Layoffs for the Deaf & Blind

Seventy percent of people who are blind in America are unemployed. In SoLa, not for profit Lighthouse Louisiana strives to remedy the problem by offering competitive jobs for workers with disabilities. However, due to a recent change in General Services Administration (GSA) policy, the social enterprise’s beacon is dimming. Over 40 full-time employees, several of whom have worked at the establishment for decades, have been let go. 

Bobby J and Malloy Feud in Connecticut

Governor Bobby Jindal says that he must “think and pray” before he decides whether he is running for President. However, he’s spent several years making frequent out of state trips like a candidate for POTUS. Bobby J’s journeys have not fared well with the electorate and in the  most recent Senate debate, da Gov’ was painted as a GOP foil to Obama in terms of an albatross effect on his party. Now, people outside of his constituents are getting annoyed with the trips as well. This week Jindal tangled with Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy.

Southern Boss: Bubba Clinton to Stump for Landrieu

The Louisiana Senate race has been a national spectacle for almost two years. Given the seat’s potential to tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate, the affair has drawn dollars from PAC’s on both sides and a number of prominent politicians from the rest of the country. Now, incumbent Mary Landrieu is pulling out the big guns. Bill Clinton is coming to Baton Rouge to stump for the senior Senator on Monday (10.20).

Legislative Roundup

City Council Tackles Body Cameras, French Quarter, & 9th Ward Legacy

Women of the City Council donned pink lady suits and men sported rosy ties in honor of breast cancer awareness month for the regular meeting Oct 16th.  Councilmember Ramsey was also honored with a cake for her upcoming birthday tomorrow Oct. 17th. Her strength beating breast cancer not once, but twice was commended through a reading of quotes. then business began.

Talking Points

#LaSen Debate Wrap

Based on ratings, it looks like most Louisianans tuned into the NCIS: New Orleans or The Mindy Project instead of last night's Louisiana Senate Debate. Well, never fear, NoDef is here to provide some Cliff Notes for y'all.

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