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Defender Picks



August 1st

Satchmo Summerfest

Old U.S. Mint, All Day

Get your trad jazzz on


Whitney White Linen Night
Julia Street, 6p.m.
Art, cocktails and lots of linens


The Revivalists
Tipitina’s, 10p.m.
In support of new album, Men Amongst Mountains


Ale on Oak Anniversary Party
Ale on Oak, 4p.m.
Free Ale from 4-6p.m.!


Stanford Prison Experiment
Zeitgeist, 9:30p.m.
Psychological thriller based on the true story of a college experiment gone wrong


CPR for ALS: Gleason Act Signed Into Law

David Vitter and Barack Obama do not agree on much, but Steve Gleason has a way of transcending traditional boundaries. On Thursday (7.30) night, the White House announced that the POTUS signed Vitter’s Steve Gleason Act of 2015 (S.9804) into law. The new legislation will help provide crucial technology for Americans stricken with ALS.

Mayor Mitch Meets Pope, Talks Hope

Mayor Mitch spent his high school years as a Blue Jay, but this week he is meeting with the most famous Jesuit of them all: Pope Francis. Landrieu traveled to the Vatican for a conference on climate change, human trafficking, and sustainable development with other mayors and the Pontiff himself. On Wednesday (7.22), Landrieu dressed the group explaining NOLA’s challenges, victories, and lessons.


Playing FarmVille?

Bobby Jindal is no stranger to polarizing positions or campaign moves seemingly contrary to common sense. On Saturday (7.11) night, Candidate J kept the streak alive traveling to Iowa to announce his opposition to direct federal farm subsidies.

Meet Mayor Mitch

Have you ever had something you wanted to say to the powers that be? Now is your chance. Mayor Mitch Landrieu will host a series of community meetings beginning on Monday (7.13). The meetings, held in conjunction with the New Orleans City Council, aim to discuss budget priorities in preparation for the city’s 2016 budgeting for outcomes process. 

Poll Me Something Mista: Jindal Parades in Iowa (Video)

Bobby Jindal, being a creature of habit, spent his Forth of July weekend in Iowa. On Saturday (7.04), Candidate J even marched in an Independence Day Parade in Urbandale. Parades are a hallowed rite of passage for politicians requiring elevated hand-shaking and selfie snapping skills. Jindal manages to escape gaffe free; the video appears after the jump.

Same-Sex Couples Finally Free to Marry in Orleans Parish

After a legal battle so complex that it made the BP case look something on Judge Wapner’s docket, same sex couples in New Orleans can finally receive marriage licenses downtown. First, a federal judge overturned Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage. Shortly thereafter, NOLA’s Baton Rouge controlled Office of Vital Records announced that they would begin issuing the license on Thursday (7.02).

Governor's Ball

Honoré Abstains; Vitter, Angelle, Dardenne, Edwards Still In

The national political stage has been lit up by declarations of candidacy. In Louisiana, we do things a bit different. The big news this week is who is not running. Lt. General Russel Honoré (ret.) will not be tossing his hat in the rink. That leaves the heavily favored Senator David Vitter running against LA House Minority Leader John Bel Edwards, Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, and Scott Angelle.

ACLU: Jindal's "Religious Freedom" Not Free & Really Dumb

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against Bobby Jindal on Tuesday (6.30). The legal action is aimed at blocking Candidate Jindal’s May 19 executive order on “religious freedom” which allows business owners to deny services to same sex couples.

JP Leads Way on Same Sex Marriage

Jefferson Parish is rarely cited as the model of progressiveness. However, on Monday (6.29), JP issued the first same-sex marriage license in the State of Louisiana. Until the wedding, the Boot held the distinction of being the only state in the Union with no same-sex marriages.

Jindal on MTP: Iowa, Marriage,& Poor Polls

For a change, Bobby Jindal is angling for some national publicity. On Sunday (6.28) morning, da Gov’ appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to push his presidential bid. Jindal talked a lot about same sex marriage, polls, and even Buddy Roemer got a mention.

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