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Defender Picks



March 30th

Geek Trivia: Live Long And Prosper

Siberia, 7p.m.

Nerd out and win free Trakian ale


George Porter

Maple Leaf, 10p.m.

Hear the baddest bass in town


Trumpet Black

Ooh Poo Pah Doo, 7p.m.

Get your night started with this Andrews family hornsman


Higher Heights

Blue Nile, 9p.m.

Always a packed house for this reggae band on Frenchmen



Indywood, 9p.m.

Oscar favorite about high school drummer


March 31st

Da Truth Brass Band & Action Jackson

The Bottomline, 10p.m.

WWOZ personality and band take the second line inside


Matt Rhody & John Rankin

Columns Hotel, 8p.m.

Fresh off a gig with Stevie Wonder, local violinist keeps it up


Ashlin Parker

Irvin Mayfields Jazz Playhouse, 8p.m.

Cold trumpeter in a hot venue


Dr. Dog

The Varsity (BR!), 8p.m.

Diehards can see the band in Baton Rouge


Vitter Fights Change

David Vitter does not like change. Louisiana’s Senator loves his fiat money the way it is. And, he is worried that a change to dollar bills could lead to more change, loose change that is. American money could wind up like European money—which he does not like. To that end, he introduced an amendment to fight change last week.

Vitter Pill: Gleason Scores Senate Win

Many Americans think that Congress could use a cold shower. However, when it comes to fighting Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the legislature is doing a lot more than dumping ice water on themselves. Senator David Vitter’s Steve Gleason Act of 2015 passed the Senate unanimously during Thursday (3.26) night’s votarama.

Harrah's Rolls the Dice on Smoking Ban

On January 22, the City Council passed the much ballyhooed smoking ban. On April 22 bars, restaurants, hotel rooms, outdoor arenas and stadiums, the Fair Grounds race course, bus and streetcar stops, public buildings, parks, sidewalks within five feet of a business entrance, and Harrah’s casino will be all be smoke free by law. However, Harrah’s is not ready to stop fighting. The gambling mecca is in the midst of preparing a counter-offer.

Higher Education: Scalise Probes Public on Weed Legalization

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is wondering whether the grass is always greener on the other side. Although he is on the record in opposition to marihuana legalization, the Louisiana republican is polling constituents about the issue.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Jindal Pushes Iran Letter

Bobby Jindal does not have much foreign policy experience, an impediment in the forthcoming Republican primaries. So, da Gov’ is working hard to vocally insert himself into the ongoing debates about matters abroad. Recently, Jindal has set his crosshairs on the G.O.P. cause celebre, Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran.

White's Flight

Louisiana education Superintendent John White is no stranger to controversy. Over the course of his tenure, White has served as both Bobby J’s hand-picked man and as da Gov’s nemesis on Common Core. Now, it was announced that White will also be taking the reins at Chiefs for Change, an educational policy advocacy group.

Scalise Skips Selma, but Maness Marks Bloody Sunday

On Sunday, tens of thousands of people converged on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama to mark the 50th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’, a seminal moment in the civil rights movement. Notable absences like Louisiana’s Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip dominated headlines leading up to the event. Also notable was the presence of Tea Party darling and former Senate candidate Colonel Rob Maness (ret.)

150 Miles Denied

by Ashley Rouen

Louisiana’s Unsafe Abortion Act has researchers at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) scratching their heads. The law requires clinics offering abortion services to have hospital admitting privileges, which has already caused widespread closure of clinics leaving only five left in the State. Three are currently engaged in a lawsuit that could shut them down as well, including one clinic in Metairie. A UCSF study released March 4 found that the law would force Louisiana women to travel 150 miles or more to seek treatment. 

Straw Man? Jindal Fails at CPAC Poll

Bobby Jindal refuses to state whether he has decided to run for POTUS or if he just likes to visit Iowa, New Hampshire, and conservative retreats. Da Gov’ still found himself running in an election this weekend. Jindal was candidate in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)’s straw poll and he did not fare well.

Hemingway's Loop

by Ashley Rouen

While the smoking ban passed with flying colors, it’s still creating some upset and confusion in the community, particularly for cigar bars since no definition of a cigar bar currently exists in city law. Though cigar bars were grandfathered in when the smoking ban passed (meaning existing cigar bars may continue to operate but no new cigar bars can be created,) one such bar, La Habana Hemingway Cigar Bar located in the French Quarter, got some special treatment on Thursday at the City Council’s Regular Meeting (2.26.)

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