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Defender Picks



Fam Fest

Jazz Fest Parent Tips: Keep Moving, Break 'Em In Early

A year after defending the tents in his first Jazzfest as a new dad, Brad Rhines returns to the Fair Grounds for more adventures in parenting.

Principals, Not Principles

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Gives Readers Some Bandmate Background

The Revivalists' saxaphonist, Rob Ingraham, gives readers and fans a bandmate breakdown in this week's column. Read on to find out who plays what, where everyone is from, even their astrological signs.

JazzFest Fashion Don'ts

A Primer for Fess Dress

Every year during JazzFest, the Fair Grounds turns into a whirling kinescope of sundresses, fedoras, decorated parasols, and kitschy printed button downs. Gazing upon the pastiche on display in the Acura Stage field for the first time, newbies may think that when it comes to fashion, this is an anything goes event.

Age of Van

Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Introduces Weekly Music Column

The local music scene is no stranger to NoDef's front page. The latest addition is a column from local musician of The Revivalists, Rob Ingraham, and it's swapping out gushing reviews for real talk from on the road. In the following inaugural piece, Ingraham introduces himself, his writing, and clears up some stereotypes about life on tour. 

Quality of Life Requires Compromise: Letter

Recent controversy over noise and operating limits placed on St. Roch Tavern and other music venues have forced New Orleanians to wrestle with the true meaning of the term "Quality of Life." In a letter written to NoDef this week Sue Mobley breaks down the issue:

Fowl Play: Reader Challenges Chicken Killer to Revenge Wrestling (Letter)

NoDef reader Zachary George recently lost his six pet chickens, and evidence surrounding their deaths leads him to believe they were murdered. The Ninth Ward resident wants to duke it out with their human assassin, and he sent us a letter (and photos) challenging the person he believes attacked his feathered friends. Bird killer, George wants to know if you’re too chicken to own up to what you did. Click through to read: 

Op-Ed: BNA Responds to Neighbors' Markey Park Complaints

The Bywater Neighborhood Association Board responded to an op-ed written by a Bywater resident last week that argued nearby residents were left out of the planning process for renovations at Markey Park. According to BNA, the space was never sanctioned for off-leash dog use. Click through to read the full response:

Op-Ed: Bywater Residents Left Out of Markey Park Plans

by Randi Kaufman

I’m a regular user of Mickey Markey Park, and have been bringing my dogs to the park daily since 2002. I remember when it was a bunch of overgrown weeds, and the broken down playground equipment was littered with used syringes and condoms.  

Room 220: Cornel West and Tavis Smiley at Dillard on MLK Day

by Kristina Robinson for Room 220

I’m an eighties baby. The Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday was signed into law by Ronald Reagan the year I was born. I’m also from New Orleans, Louisiana, one of the largest entry points in the nation for enslaved Africans, the private prison and incarceration capital of the world, and home to one of the largest income disparities in the country.

The Power to Speak Up: An Open Letter to Entergy New Orleans Rate Payers


The following is a letter to Entergy rate payers from New Orleans resident Virginia Brisley. She submitted the letter to NOLA Defender unsolicited. Her opinions do not reflect the official views of the NoDef editorial board.


Dear Entergy Stakeholders:


After Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans had no federally mandated consumer protection against the monopoly power company from transferring repair costs directly to the ratepayers.  With the massive amount of infrastructure damage coupled with the loss of a significant portion of their customer base, Entergy New Orleans (ENO) accrued losses equaling roughly $1 billion due to the storm.  

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