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Defender Picks



They All Ask'd for Roux

Creole Cookin' with Anthony Scanio: Emeril's Delmonico Chef Offers Gumbo Wisdom, Recipes

Emeril Delmonico's Chef de Cuisine Anthony Scanio talks about his NOLA childhood, the universality of gumbo, and gives his favorite recipes. 

Local Natives Overwhelm, Disappoint at Tip's: Concert Review

When did Local Natives' crowd get so bro-y? Squeezing past high heels and purple polos at a sold-out Tipitina's on Wednesday night felt a lot more like Tigerland than an indie rock show. Not to be a hater. Bros need good music too. It's worth taking this opportunity to consider what, exactly, is propelling Local Natives from Pitchfork-secret levels to The-O.C.-soundtrack territory.

Dark Side of the Food

Age of Van: Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Dietary Limitations on Tour

The rock n' roll lifestyle may be decadent, but that doesn't apply to the food plan. The Revivalists'  saxophonist Rob Ingraham talks about the unsavory meal choices musicians must make on the road. 

LA Ladies & Women's Equality Day

On the 93rd anniversary of women's suffrage, Louisiana ladies are still facing injustices in the home, the workplace, and in D.C. In honor of Women's Equality Day, officially known as Women's Suffrage Day, NoDef talks to experts about the issues facing New Orleans' women. 

Monday Mailbag

LETTERS: Plessy and Ferguson Foundation on Trayvon Martin Ruling, Culture and Climate

The great-great granddaugther of John Howard Ferguson, defendant in the landmark Civil Rights case Plessy v. Ferguson, weighs in on the Trayvon Martin ruling. Warren Senders offers his opinions on climate change as it relates to the unique culture of New Orleans.   


Views From the End of the Bar

Anyone who's pulled up a stool at Molly's at the Market has probably heard a few thoughts about New Orleans from Tierney Monaghan and Chris Christenberry. Starting today, they'll offer their musings every other week in a new NoDef column. For their opening salvo, the didactic duo zooms out for thoughts about calling the Crescent City home.

Number Two, Part Two

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham's Guide to Going on the Go

The Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham introduced his guide to Bowl Patrol, and he is back with some specific touring tips on choosing the right bathroom when options are limited. 

Bowl Patrol

Age of Van: Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Going 'Number Two' on Tour

Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham introduces 'The Poop Columns'. The touring musician explains one of the most necessary, and most difficult, aspects of life on the road.

Learning to Live Together

Age of Van: The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Talks Co-Habitation in this Week's Column

Rob Ingraham of the Revivalists discusses the downsides of living in close quarters. The saxophonist dispels myths of overnight success, stressing the highs and lows of living together along the way. 

Inside the Iberville

Op-Ed: One Resident's Relocation Story

With its demolition fast approaching, opinion columnist Annika Mengisen talks to residents of the Iberville Housing Development about eviction and redevelopment.   

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