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Defender Picks



Letter: City Council Prez Opposes Hotel Plans

The New Orleans City Council is expected to vote Thursday on a proposal to develop a 65-foot hotel in the Warehouse District. Fillmore Hospitality's plans call for a Cambria hotel at 632 Tchoupitoulas St. near Piazza d'Italia that is 10 ft. taller than the current height limit in the Warehouse District, necessitating a Council vote after the City Planning Commission recommended denial. Prior to the vote, City Council President Stacy Head wrote a letter explaining her plans to oppose the development. Read it:

Op-Ed: In Defense of Sugar

by Jim Simon, Manager, American Sugar Cane League

Louisiana sugarcane farmers get frustrated nearly every time an article about "sugar" is published because the authors tend to target sugar as “the problem” in our diets.

Letter: Lawmkers Shouldn't Have Special Gun Rights

SB 651 allows Louisiana Senators and Representatives to carry firearms in restricted areas. They can carry anywhere that law enforcement can except the State Capitol Building itself. The measure passed the state legislature this spring, but has yet to be signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal. Today, Gun Rights Across America's Louisiana coordinator weighs in with an open letter to Jindal:

Paul '8' Spooner, A Remembrance

by John LaTier

Paul Vincent Spooner aka "8" was shot and killed in the 8th Ward on Friday, May 9. Before his death, Paul was moving toward a life and career in music. He founded the St Roch Music Group with a solid crew of likeminded artists and believed so strongly in the future of his new path that he had the letters SRMG tattooed on his neck.

Running Sucks: A Crescent City Classic Op-Ed

by Trey Monaghan 

Saturday is the Crescent City Classic, a race I have run more times than I can remember.  I plan to run it yet again, and I truly don't know why. I'm not running it to set a personal record,  or to impress a lady, or even to feel good. I'm just running to run. Over the past year I have become addicted to the run, and tomorrow is just another chance to feed that addiction.

NoDef Inbox: Sly Cox Has Local Internet Monopoly

by Douglas Duckworth

For some horrible reason, the NOLA City Council granted Cox Communications a cable Internet monopoly in the City of New Orleans. This seems rather odd as monopoly power only means innovation-stifling price gouging. As expected, Cox raised internet rates in Orleans Parish despite accruing nearly 15 billion in revenue annually.  

NoDef Mailbox: La. Expat Despondent Over JazzFest Lineup

by Margot Kern 

Reader Margot Kern sent NoDef this satirical letter via email. The Louisiana native mourns her absence for JazzFest 2014 after seeing the lineup. The acts for this year include Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire, Public Enemy, to name a few. 

Stop Dat

Op-Ed: 14 Habits that NOLA Should Stop in '14

In my past year working as NoDef's Deputy Managing Editor, I have been forced to remain neutral. I have bitten my tongue when faced with misguided Jindal jabs, needless transplant bashing, and the glorification of boring king cakes. In time for the new year, I summoned the hostility that I usually direct at my boss and channeled it into a list of things that I believe that New Orleanians should avoid in 2014. 

Age of Van: New Year's Eve

The Revivalists' Rob Ingraham Reflects on Past New Year's Eve Gigs

In his latest column, The Revivalists' saxophonist Rob Ingraham remembers every New Year's Eve gig, from Four Loko in Virginia to frisky fans on Frenchmen. 

Letter to the Editor: Flood Fight from Fl. to La.

Letter to the Editorby Torrey Craig

Torrey Craig moved to Florida from New Orleans over thirty years ago. However, flood insurance rates have remained a constant concern for the coastal dweller. Craig shared with NoDef his letter to his Congressman Gus Billirakis, which deals with the flood fight that Louisiana's Congressional delegation has championed, as well as land use. According to Craig, "Everyone from South Padre Island and Port Isabel, Texas to Wallace Cove, Maine has the same concerns regarding how flood insurance will be changed," and he aims to stir public debate.

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