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Opinion: Fans, Like the N.F.L., Are Too Lenient on Domestic Violence

Editor’s note: October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. The campaign coincides with a time period that has featured a string of N.F.L. player arrests causing  many people wondering about the true costs hidden in America’s pastime. Author, attorney, and advocate Arita Bohannan weighs in on the N.F.L. and the handling of its domestic violence problem by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Opinion: Sen. Landrieu’s not the only one still living with Mom & Dad

By Col. Rob Maness (USAF, ret.), candidate for U.S. Senate

Mail Bag: Rallying the Colonel's Troops

Reader J.W. Bryan is angry with politics as usual. He feels that Mary Landrieu is part of an entrenched power strucutre and Cassidy represents the "ruling clique of Republicans," both abandoning the Constitution. Bryan writes to NoDef to make the case for outside candidate Rob Maness.

Opinion: No Justice, No Peace: Violence and New Orleans' Criminal Justice System

By Kezia Kamenetz

Just this summer, New Orleans has suffered from numerous heinous acts of violence – including a shower of bullets released on innocent Bourbon Street revelers and the drive-by shooting of children as young as two in the Lower Ninth Ward. Every time someone is killed in the streets of this city I find myself questioning how I can live here. How can I love a place where such violence takes place regularly? How can I invest in a city where a majority of citizens justifiably live in fear for their children? What kind of future does a place where babies are shot have?

Letter to the Editor: Maness the Real Republican

Reader Skip Caissie Jr. weighs in on the Louisiana Senate race's third candidate, Colonel Rob Maness (ret.)

Former Louisiana Representative Tony Perkins, chairman of FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family Research Council has endorsed Colonel Rob Maness for U.S. Senate.  Perkins was once a Louisiana senatorial candidate.  Perkins stated earlier in the year "If the Republicans want to win, they actually need to find a stronger candidate (than Cassidy)."

Letter: Planned Parenthood Responds to Anti-Abortion Protesters

As NoDef's Jessica Placzek reported Tuesday, an out-of-town group known as Operation Save America is in New Orleans this week holding anti-abortion rallies in Jackson Square and the site of a new Planned Parenthood clinic on Claiborne Ave. Today, Planned Parenthood and a host of other health care providers, faith leaders and social justice advocates issued the following response to the demonstrators:

Letter: City Council Prez Opposes Hotel Plans

The New Orleans City Council is expected to vote Thursday on a proposal to develop a 65-foot hotel in the Warehouse District. Fillmore Hospitality's plans call for a Cambria hotel at 632 Tchoupitoulas St. near Piazza d'Italia that is 10 ft. taller than the current height limit in the Warehouse District, necessitating a Council vote after the City Planning Commission recommended denial. Prior to the vote, City Council President Stacy Head wrote a letter explaining her plans to oppose the development. Read it:

Op-Ed: In Defense of Sugar

by Jim Simon, Manager, American Sugar Cane League

Louisiana sugarcane farmers get frustrated nearly every time an article about "sugar" is published because the authors tend to target sugar as “the problem” in our diets.

Letter: Lawmkers Shouldn't Have Special Gun Rights

SB 651 allows Louisiana Senators and Representatives to carry firearms in restricted areas. They can carry anywhere that law enforcement can except the State Capitol Building itself. The measure passed the state legislature this spring, but has yet to be signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal. Today, Gun Rights Across America's Louisiana coordinator weighs in with an open letter to Jindal:

Paul '8' Spooner, A Remembrance

by John LaTier

Paul Vincent Spooner aka "8" was shot and killed in the 8th Ward on Friday, May 9. Before his death, Paul was moving toward a life and career in music. He founded the St Roch Music Group with a solid crew of likeminded artists and believed so strongly in the future of his new path that he had the letters SRMG tattooed on his neck.

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