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Festivals and Digestibles: Super Bowl Entertainment Details, Talking Points Revealed

If the increased frequency of road closures and likelihood of an Arctic Krewe du Vieux weren't reminder enough, Super Bowl XLVII is almost here. New Orleans' tenth time hosting the NFL's championship game and attendant kerfluffle will bring together two of the National Football League's premiere teams (that aren't the Saints), media mavens from around the world, a Bud Light hotel and, yes, more of those road closures. So what's really in it for locals? Well, you guessed it: a huge festival featuring music and food, quality time with local reality TV subjects and graciousness toward Roger Goodell. Wait, that last one can't be right...

610 Stompers Bring Fresh Look, Moves to Headbanger's Ball

This Friday in the CBD, sightings of tight python pants and voluptuous bleached blond hair might make you wonder if Motely Crue has come to town, but in fact it’s the influence of another kind of group— one harnessing powers both ordinary and extraordinary. From 8 pm to Midnight, the Sugar Mill (1020 Convention Center Blvd.) welcomes back the 610 Stompers and a thousand of their friends for their annual parade prelude, the Sweet 610 Headbanger’s Ball.

Car-nival: NOPD Releases Passes for Vieux Carre Residents Wednesday

Carnival is a mixed bag for New Orleanians, especially those who live in the thick of the crowds. Unless they’re driving an ice truck, residents and business owners along the route actually need to get police-issued passes to access their own homes by car. The time for French Quarter residents to pick up their passes is tomorrow, at the 8th District Police Station.

Krewe of Muses Float Riding Spot in eBay Auction

With Cleopatra moving over from the West Bank and Nyx riding the night before, the Krewe of Muses have some new femme company at night on St. Charles Ave. However, a spot with the famed all-female krewe remains coveted. The Muses are once again offering one bidder a chance to skip to the front of the wait list by auctioning off a seat on one of their famed floats.

Krewe du Vieux Comes Early, Often in 2013

With an early Mardi Gras, Carnival krewes have less time to get their floats and costumes ready. Plus, the marching groups had to do the Super Bowl shuffle to make way for the Big Game. The parade season tone-setters of Krewe du Vieux - who are already under the gun for this year's Jan. 19 march - could be complaining about being in a world of shit as a result of these developments. But, as always, they've simply released Le Monde de Merde for the rest of us to roll around in with glee, and announced a theme that cuts off all feelings of misery and misfortune marked by daily life in the City of Dreams at the head.

Carnival Kickoff

Rex, Zulu Unveil Themes and Posters As Mayor Mitch Cuts the King Cake

Phunny Phellows and a handful of Joan of Arcs heralded the arrival of Carnival under cover of Twelfth Night. But when the morning came, it was time for the royals to step out and herald the season.

Homeless People Living Under Pontchartrain Expressway Moved From Encampment

About 5 a.m. Friday, the City and homeless service workers told about 55 homeless people they had to leave an encampment underneath the Pontchartrain Expressway near Calliope St. and Baronne St. According to a statement, the City is closing the area off to people, and plans to build a permanent fence to keep anyone from sleeping, camping or parking in the area.

A 'More Robust' Read Out

On The Phrase That's Sweeping New Orleans

Perhaps it was there along. After all, we've read enough wine bottles in this town to be very familiar with most common flowery descriptors. The day before it really hit us, we listened to the essence of this phrase at the mayor's State of the City, and the word just floated right on by.

Red Beans Comin!

Lundi Gras Parade Shows a Little Leg-umes

For most of New Orleans, tomorrow is the big day of as Carnival culminates with the giant Fat Tuesday celebration. But for Devin Meyers and the 60 members of the Red Beans and Rice parade, today's 2 p.m. step-off will be the big bash.

Outsourced In

Former Signal International Workers Describe 'Jail'-like Conditions at Gulf Coast Shipyards

By 2006, Muragan Kanbhasamy had sold his car, his wife's jewelry, and took loans out at high interest rates. He was planning to leave India to come to the United States, in order to take a job that would lead to U.S. citizenship. Kurian David made a similar sacrifice, raising 600,000 rupees – or about $12,000 dollars. The two men thought they were exchanging the possessions of their old life for a chance at U.S. Citizenship.

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