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NOLA Lore: Count St. Germain, Le Vampire

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and sometimes unwritten legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. For the second installment, Lloyd continues to explore the existence of the vampire with the story of Count St. Germain.

Astro Forecast (April 2017)

One of Earth Odyssey's resident psychic readers Nancy shares the April astrology forecast for planetarily-minded New Orleanians. Read on below to learn what's in the stars this month. 

Majority of Louisiana Residents Want to End Gender Discrimination & the Wage Gap, Study Says

Following the nationwide efforts of Equal Pay Day earlier this week, results from the 2017 Louisiana Survey were released Thursday (4.6) to reveal that the majority of the state's residents favor the close of the gender wage gap. 

NOLA Lore: Vampyres of New Orleans

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and sometimes unwritten legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. For the inaugural installment of NOLA Lore, Lloyd explores the existence of the Vampyre — far beyond Anne Rice’s Lestat de Lioncourt or the sexed up bloodsuckers on True Blood. Read on to learn more about the real vampires of New Orleans, and stayed tuned for further articles in this series. Adds 300 New Words released their newest update this week, and the over 300 words and terms added to the site highlight the language of modern life. From slang terms like "hangry" and "bitchface" to the RuPaul-approved "shade" to the Beyoncé-championed "slay," the new lexicon is a celebration of what it means to relate and communicate in 2017.  

Louisiana Named Second Most Stressed State in America

Turns out life in the Big Easy ain't all that easy. According to a new study released by WalletHub, Louisiana is the second most-stressed state in America — ranked only below Alabama.


The Final Quack: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Finale Airs Tonight

Over the course of five years and 11 seasons, the family at the center A&E’s "Duck Dynasty" has become some of Louisiana’s highest profile personalities. Whether sounding off on local politics or topping with charts with a questionable holiday album, the Robertson clan have rode high on celebrity like a hunting boat on the Ouachita River. 

Spiders Could Eat All Humans in a Year, Study Says

At a glance it sounds like something your conspiracy theorist uncle might say, but here us out. A creepy-crawly report published in the journal Science of Nature found that spiders consume between 400-800 million tons of prey a year — almost double the weight of the human population. Arachnophobes, take cover. 

Gangstar's Paradise

Word leaked earlier this week that Gangstar New Orleans, the newest release from the massively popular video game series, will receive a worldwide launch on Thursday (3.30). The game will give any player a crazy trip through the seedy streets of New Orleans, complete with bikers, crooked cops, Voodoo priests ... and even clowns. 

Richard Simmons's Manager Addresses 'Missing' NOLA Fitness Guru

The success of podcast Missing Richard Simmons, which explores the fitness guru's life since he left the public eye three years ago, has given rise to new rumors that Simmons is in distress or has disappeared altogether.

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