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Defender Picks



May 22nd


Convention Center & assorted locales

Eat and drink the South


Greek Fest

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Eat, dance, and drink wine from a tiny cup



Smoothie King, 8p.m.

Getty Lee, Neal Peart, Alex Lifeson step into the limelight


This is NOLA

Joy, 9p.m.

Arts mashup features Khris Royal this wee




Livre la France!

Local headlines hold lots of negative news about New Orleans libraries. On Staurday (5.16), the Consulate General of France in Louisiana helped provide some good news. In honor of the opening of the “French Corner” at the Milton H. Latter Library Branch, the Consulate donated over 400 french books to the center.

Festing For A Cause

By Lucy Leonard

Next Friday (5.29) hop on over to Café Istanbul to support the HIV Outpatient Program (HOP) at their second ever HOPfest. The event, which will raise money for HIV support groups and medical equipment, costs $20 and includes an open bar and live music.

After Night Calls: Looking Back at the International House's Cuban Fete

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

The first thing I noticed when my taxi made the right turn to wrap around International House was a massive crowd clad in white. A scene out of a postcard, Cadillac in the front, focus on the people in the back. Some dressed as if they’ve worn it all their lives, others as if it’s never crossed their minds. 

Butting In: Louisiana Ranks 7th For Tobacco Use

LaToya Cantrell may be on jihad to stop smoking in Orleans Parish, but bans aside, the council member has her work cut out of her. A recent study by the website, BetterDoctor, has Louisiana ranked in the top ten for tobacco use.

Harry Shearer Leaves the Simpsons

Ask a Simpsons fan how much more dark their Thursday (5.14) could be, and the answer would be “None.” Late last night, New Orleanian Harry Shearer took to Twitter to announce that his relations with the powers at Fox were not exxxxcelllent and consequently, he would be leaving the show that he has appeared on since its 1989 premier.

Civilian Theatre Project

The WPA's Legacy in NOLA

Even several generations removed, hearing the terms “New Deal” or “Works Progress Administration” (WPA) floods one with thoughts of a government stepping in to create jobs, alleviating the strain of a lagging economy flooded with millions of unemployed. But more than just creating temporary jobs that would float the economy until the second World War II jump-started several industries, the WPA gave a lasting legacy throughout the United States.  Even here in the Big Easy, viewed as one of the most exotic destinations within the US at the time, we have an enduring legacy of construction and artistic projects funded Uncle Sam.  

Better to Give...

GiveNOLA Day Finds Stride

Cinco de Mayo is also GiveNOLA Day. Local do-gooders are asking citizens to help support a non-profit before swallowing the worm. A 24 hour drive organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF) along with a nifty internet “Giving Portal” allows donors to support their favorite cause with the click of a button.

Blaze of Glory

Off-Duty Firefighter & Lawyer Saves Couple From Marigny Fire

A New Orleans firefighter is being hailed as a hero after saving a couple from a burning building while off duty. Over-achiever Roddrick Harrison’s quick instincts helped prevent tragedy when a blaze broke out in the Marigny Triangle last night.

Peak of Generosity: NOLA Rallies for Nepal

New Orleans is no stranger to disasters, natural or manmade. So, it is not surprising that the local community is rallying to help other areas in their time of need. On Saturday (5.09), locals are invited to help out earthquake victims at a benefit for Nepal.

Drinking and the Job

Folklore in New Orleans dictates that the City is run by the hospitality industry. A second piece of street wisdom posits that this town is not stranger to substance abuse. New government data ranks drinking and drug use by profession, and not surprisingly both the service industry and arts & entertainment rank high on the list.

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