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Emeril's Carnival Cocktails (Recipes)

What is Carnival without a cocktail… or three? In honor of the season, the folks at Emeril’s New Orleans restaurants are rolling out some Mardi Gras specials on their list of libations. If you’re too busy with glue gunning your costume to make it out for a drink, you can still enjoy one at home. Recipes follow.

For Whom The (Blue) Bell Tolls

Blue Bell is back in Louisiana, but the troubles for the popular southern ice cream makers maybe just starting. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the corporation committed criminal acts while reacting to last year’s Listeria outbreak according to CNN.

Once & Future King's

BB King's Blues Club Opens on Lower Decatur

The sign is still not up, but BB King’s Blues Club opened in the old Margaritaville space at 1104 Decatur Street on New Year’s Eve (12.31.15). NoDef took a break from the night of revelry to grab a sneak peak at the new food and music venue.

Hangover Helper

Service Industry Pros Share Their Remedies For The Morning After

New Year’s Eve is night of revelry. Unfortunately, that leads to a rough  New Year’s Day for many. In the interest of easing the collective headaches and nausea set to descend upon the city, NoDef reached out to some experts. Some of the top names in the service industry offered their own personal (scientifically unproven) hangover remedies.


Many locals swear by the restorative properties of fried chicken from the B-Xpress on the 3000 block of Elysian Fields. However, retiring Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Commissioner Troy Hebert is more concerned with back taxes owed by the institution. On Tuesday (12.29),  Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with him, ending a two year dispute between the agency and the market.

Camellia Cometh (Again)

A Quarter classic reopened on Boxing Day (12.26). To be exact, an uptown classic reopened their French Quarter outpost. Camellia Grill (540 Chartres Street) is once serving the succor to soak up some of that revelry.

Roam Sweet Roam

Restaurants Open on Christmas

If you burn the bird this Christmas, there are much better options than Chinese Turkey at Bo’ Ling Chop Suey Palace. Several restaurants in the New Orleans area are open up on the big holiday and will be offering up all the traditional meals without all the dishes to was. 

Abita Root Beer Gets Hard

Are you a little burned out on Abita Amber? Well, Louisiana’s biggest brewer is rolling out something new. (And, no, the Strawberry Harvest lager is still seasonal). Abita’s popular root beer is now available in an alcoholic variation.

The Italian Job

A “History” of the Negroni: Fact in Fiction

One measure of gin. One measure Campari. One sweet vermouth. Finish with a twist of orange. The Negroni. It sounded simple. But the simplest cases have a way of turning complicated in a hurry.

Holiday Spirits

Tales of the Toddy in Photos

On Thursday (12.18), cocktail creators and cocktail enthusiasts converged upon the Hyatt for the 10th annual Tales of the Toddy. The holiday themed Tales of the Cocktail cousin featured whimsical drinks and outrageous costumes. Dr. Bill Copen was on hand to capture it all on film. Click on through for the photos.

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