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Defender Picks



TGI Fryday

Fish Frys Abound As Lent Begins

For many locals, the 40 days following Mardi Gras is a time to take a break from the booze. However, for faithful Catholics, the period is a time of literal fast punctuated by fish on Fridays. For all New Orleanians, lent is a great time eat some tasty seafood.

Mardi Gras Mixology (Drink Recipe)

The time for a dirnk is now! While many are content with warm beer or mixed drinks in styrofoam cups, the Carnival season is also a time for craft cocktails. NoDef revisited out favorite Mardi Cocktaiul, the brainchild of none other than Al "Carnival Time" Johnson. Johnson came up with his own recipe, and Cane & Table's (1113 Decatur) Nick Detrich gave NoDef a short video that teaches viewers how to make Johnson's signature drink. 

R.I.P. Billy Gruber

New Orleans lost one her greats on Thursday (2.04) evening. Billy Gruber, the chef behind Liuzza’s By The Track and iconic local personality, died at the age of 69-years-old. 

King Cake Walk

Best of the Annual King Cake Tasting at the Ogden

The results of NoDef's King Cake Walk are in! For the third consecutive year, Bittersweet Confections has landed the win for their vibrantly sugared cake filled with rich chocolate. But, Bittersweet was only one of the local bakeries represented in the competition, all of whom brought their best game to the challenge. Within 90 minutes, there was not even a crumb or wayward baby left reminding us that all king cakes are winners. Our favorites follow below.

Carnival Cocktails (Recipes)

It’s Carnival time and everybody’s having drinks! If ever there was a time to have one too many on a work night, it’s during Mardi Gras season. NoDef’s pals at offered up a few suggestions for libations to stay, er, hydrated along the parade route or at your party of choice.

Cake Walk

NoDef's King Cake Tasting Returns to Ogden Thursday

Carnival means parades and costumes and king cake lots of king cake. It’s hard to find a keg cake outside of the Gulf Coast, but we have enough options to fill in the quota for the rest of the country. With so many choices, it’s best to let the people choose. So, NoDef’s King Cake Walk will return to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art on Thursday (1.28) from 6p.m. to 8p.m. 

K-Paul Books Make SoFAB Even Fabber

There is no question that Paul Prudhomme left a massive legacy. A generation discovered a new way to eat because of the iconic chef. Now, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum (SoFAB) is helping to pass that legacy on to future generations. Prudhomme’s family announced that they will be donating his personal collection of books and culinary documents to SoFAB.

Snakebitten: Sazerac Buys SoCo

It seems that one novelty shot is just not enough. Riding high off the success of Fireball, NOLA based Sazerac Co. announced today that they will purchase Southern Comfort for 543.5 million dollars from Brown-Forman Corp. 

King Cakes Link Cochon and La Boulangerie

The Link Restaurant Group does one hell of a job nailing the essence of Louisiana food. As if their stellar command of pork and seafood were not enough, the LRG also built a solid reputation for their king cakes over the past five years. Today, the company revealed Cochon Butcher’s (930 Tchoupitoulas Street) lineup of carnival pastries for Mardi Gras 2016 as well as the offerings at the newly acquired La Boulangerie (4600 Magazine Street).

False Alarm (Blue) Bells

Blue Bell is back in the news. After a several media outlets alleged that Listeria was discovered at the popular ice cream maker’s plant again, Blue Bell fired back with a strong rebuttal.

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