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Defender Picks



Hammered Home

Today, we go deep into the 9th Ward to deliver a construction communique concerning improvements to two beloved institutions: the Mardi Gras Zone and the Country Club.


- The Mardi Gras Zone (MGZ to locals) on Royal did manage to go from Zone to Market with a new sign installed just in time for the big weekend. Aesthetics aside, the lingering question remains, "What about the Pizza Joint!?"

Kudos to Katie's

It's nice to see Mid-City rising once more. It's particularly nice when the new businesses are not new at all, but old businesses returning. Such is the case with the return of Katie's... ownership vowed to return, and it took some gumption, but the neighborhood institution has returned!

Welcome back!

Mr. Okra at Sundance!

"I got on-ions!"
"I got ba-nan-aaas!"
Yeah, That pretty much says it all! Local filmmakers Andre'a Jones and and T.G Herrington have made it to Sundance with their documentary on our local legend.
Check it on Youtube

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