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Defender Picks



August 5th

Wet Hot American Summer
Gasa Gasa, 9p.m.
The summer camp cult comedy classic


Good Old War
HOB, 11p.m.
Indie band from Philly


The Uptown Jazz Orchestra
Snug Harbor, 10p.m.
Directed by Delfeayo Marsalis


Noontime Talk with Mel Buchanan
NOMA, 12p.m.
A Louisiana Parlor: Antebellum Taste & Context talk


The Tribe
Zeitgeist, 7p.m.
Delve into the world of a Ukrainian high school for the deaf


NoDef's Ultimate King Cake Guide

The Gooey Details on 23 Carnival Confections

When ordering a King Cake, Crescent City sweet seekers can no longer uniformly expect the standard braided cinammon twist with more or less the same flavor profile. King Cakes have become a creative canvass for adventurous bakers across New Orleans. Allow NoDef to help you choose which will satisfy your palette. We combined three years of King Cake coverage for one ultimate guide. After reading these diverse offerings, you may even want the baby:

Eat Up and Chill Out With COOLinary Month

It’s hot outside. Damn hot. However, an annual celebration of Louisiana restaurants offers the chance to chill out all August long with COOLinary New Orleans Restaurant Month. In exchange for staying in New Orleans during the dog days, locals get enjoy 2-3 course lunch menus for $30 or less and 3 course dinner menus for $40 or less at over 80 award winning restaurants.

Salu Flexes Their Mussels

This month, Magazine Street tapas restaurant, Salú Bistro and Bar, is hosting its second annual Mussel Fest. Salú is one of the city’s biggest sellers of mussels, and throughout the entire month of August, the restaurant’s Executive Chef, Dustin Brien, will be whipping up a special menu that highlights the many uses of the mollusks. This afternoon, Brien sat down with NoDef to bring you a more in-depth look at the month’s menu.

Drinking Culture

A Mad Dog & an Englishman in the Midnight Sun at Chickie Wah Wah

Gentle reader, the mad blood burns as burning August drifts near. Crime spikes and tempers flare like sunspots. But let us not forget ourselves. New Orleans is a friendly and welcoming place more so than a violent one – with alcohol contributing to both, I should imagine. Let us then take this time to remember who we are, and treat a visitor to some refreshing hospitality. For nothing so salves the soul-boil of summer as a spot of good food, a cool drink, and a lively tune. And never was a venue finer for these fare than Chickie Wah Wah.

Lineup Reveal: Boudin, Bourbon, & Beer

That sweat rolling down your back makes it hard to forget that summer is raging right now. However, winter fall is coming. Star chef Emeril Lagasse is rolling out the lineup for his autumn  crowdpleaser, Boudin, Bourbon, & Beer. Tickets for the November 13 event go on sale this Saturday (8.01).

Six Beers and the Truth

Chef Ron Duprat Talks Haiti and NOLA

Having seen the spirits of New Orleans loosen even the tightest of tongues, your author was inspired to begin interviewing interesting people after a few libations. 'Six Beers and the Truth' is a series wherein the interviewee has enjoyed six beers before giving the interview. While some are emotional, some are funny and some are shocking...they are all candid and honest. Please enjoy 'Six Beers And The Truth with Top Chef Ron Duprat."

BRG Releases Willa Jean Bakery Teaser

The Besh Restaurant Group (BRG) is offering just a taste of what’s to come at the much ballyhooed Willa Jean Bakery in The Paramount at South Market District (611 O’Keefe Avenue). According to a statement, the collaboration between Executive Pastry Chef Kelly Fields and Pastry Chef Lisa White is slated to open on August 6th.

Drinking Culture

La Vie Erin Rose

Gentle reader, a full glass of liquor can sometimes do the office of a shew stone. Sit quietly upon the bar edge and run a thoughtful hand along the crystal curvature. Peer within. And with enough drink, the soothsayer’s gift will be yours. So it was I found myself gazing into deep distances of gin. Images of the past week of Tales of the Cocktail emerged. Mysteries of the present summer lull. Auguries of days yet to come. All these I saw in a tumbler made cloudy and uncertain with ice at the Erin Rose. 

Wagging the Dog

Downtown Wieners Reviewed for National Hot Dog Day

New Orleans has a unique way of blending the very old with the very new as if were done with a careful and conscious hand. There are things we New Orleanians take very seriously: our independence, our neighborhood, our football team, our parties, and our food. Every aspect of food is debated be it seafood, poboys or yes...even hotdogs!  

Goodbye To All That: Older Matt Young Leaves Bar Industry

Matt Young is an institution of the NOLA craft cocktail scene. However, Tuesday (7.21) night, the affable bartender will double-strain his last cocktail and shake his last sour. Young will work a final shift at Cane & Table tonight and then shift his focus to his full-time job as a graphic designer.

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