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Crime Bits

Jan 1- 7: Shot for Pot, Ideal Mart Robbed, Graffiti Arrest

In this week's rundown of wrongdoing, there was a shooting in the 9th Ward, a man was robbed in the Riverbend, and the Ideal Mart in Mid-City was held up. Read on for more crime bits. 

Algiers Stabbing Leaves One Man Dead

Tuesday (9.30) provided a respite from the recent string of 34S’ but in Algiers police got a 34C instead. An early morning stabbing on the 3100 block of Flanders Street left one man dead and another hospitalized. 

Bloody East: Area's 18th Homicide Victim Shot this Morning

A bloody month is the East is showing no signs of abatement. Today (9.29) another man was killed in the area  The most recent shooting is the 18th homicide in New Orleans East this year. An investigation is underway.

Fatal Shooting in the Lower 9th

The summer heat has passed, but the violence in New Orleans continues. Saturday (9.28) evening, NOPD responded to another "man down" call and subsequently opened another homicide investigation in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Weekend Crime Report

The NOPD have issued their crime log for the first half of the weekend. The register of wrongdoing is short but brutal. Friday’s (9.26) police work included two rapes, one of a child. Additionally, a pair of robberies are under investigation.

Crime Bits: Booze Bandits, Excessive Use of Force (Videos)

By Ashley Larsen

It’s been a tough time for the Rite Aid on the 3400 block of St. Charles Avenue. Thirsty thieves comitted two seperate robberies at the location. Elsewhere, the NOPD is dealing with some internal affairs. Officer Terrance Saulney was placed on emergency suspension after an incident involving unauthorized use of force. 

A Street Crime on Desire

One criminal is in deep. After failing to grab the loot, he was made by the law and is now on the run. In Gentilly, a robbery was thwarted on Tuesday (9.23). Police have now identified a prime suspect and are on the prowl.

SoLa Celebrates U.S, Marshall Day

Dr. Richard Kimble should stay low today. The U.S. Marshals are celebrating their 225th anniversary. By proclamation of both Mayor Mitch and Governor Jindal, Louisiana is marking the occasion with “United States Marshals Day.”

St. Roch Contractors Robbed (Video)

Gentrification is hard work. It can be a dangerous job as well. At the end of August, a pair of contractors working on a house in St. Roch were robbed on the job. After weeks of reviewing tape, police have now released footage of the getaway.

New Clues in Hunt for Decatur Derelict

Police have made strides in their hunt for the Decatur Street derelict wanted for attacking a man in a strip of the street known to locals as the "guttepunks' beer garden." Eighth District police led Detective Michael Flores have released high res images and some addional information.

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