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Defender Picks



Parental Concerns

Theatre Review: Orphans

Damned if I know whether Frederick Mead is a genius or the luckiest director in town. 

I winced when casting was announced for Jonathan Mares’ production of Lyle Kessler’s Orphans. The oft-produced, award-winning drama (three showy roles, simple unit set) is about grown orphan brothers, practically feral: the older Treat (Martin Bradford), a violent control freak who makes their lousy living as a petty thief; the younger Phillip (David Williams), submissive and so childlike as to seem mentally challenged.

State of Play 10.28-11.03

As Fringe Fest and Halloween approach, theatre in NOLA is in the midst of small lull. However, the week does bring a remount of a Jim Fitzmorris classic and radio play about Nancy Dreaux. Plus, derivative fare like Rocky Horror, Trek a Go-Go, and a Living Dead musical continue their runs.

Earning His Stripes

Music at the Mint Interview: Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson's band Zebra is iconic to many New Orleanians. In a City defined by Jazz, Jackson developed a rock sound. Zebra is also one of the longest running recording bands in any genre. NoDef's partners, Music at the Mint, spent some time talking with him.

Countdown to Ecstasy: Voodoo Sets Up (Photos)

The Voodo Art + Music begins on Halloween Day (10.3). However, a spectacle of this size requires some serious setup. The main stage alone requires two cranes to erect. NoDef snuck out to City Park's festival grounds to check out the action. Click through for some photos.

Book Nook

Tubby and Coos Mid-City Book Shop’s Grand Opening

“We’re going to have a lot of different things going on,” says Candice Huber, the owner of Tubby and Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop. Huber’s new speciality book store has its grand opening October 31st through November 2nd at 631 N. Carrollton Avenue, just down the street from The Bean Gallery coffee shop. 

Film Review: Gone Girl

By Jason Raymond

After sitting through the endless, endless Gone Girl, I looked up the run times of David Fincher’s last seven movies. Here’s the list:

Film Review: John Wick

By Jason Raymond

While it seems I review a “ one man kills entire Russian Mob” movie once a month, John Wick has clearly risen to the top of those movies and even recent action movies. People often ask me if I like “normal movies” wherein lots of people get shot to death under preposterous circumstances while everyone displays minimal emotion. Sure, I do sometimes and this is one of them. John Wick rates higher than Liam Neeson’s recent A Walk Among the Tombstones. It’s at least twice the equal of The Equalizer.

A Book By Any Other Name

Room 220 Interviews Eli Horowitz

from Press Street's Room 220

Eli Horowitz—former editor and publisher of McSweeney’s—released a new book about a generation of children born without speech, The Silent History, as a serialized novel that came out daily on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). It included e-specific features like “Field Reports,” mini-stories that existed within the world of the overall novel—deepening the story but not essential for the main narrative—that you could only read if you were in a particular geographic place (in the real world with your iPhone).

Today in NOLA: 10.24.14

Food Network star Alton Brown takes his zany brand of culinary capers on the road, visiting the Saenger Theater tonight at 8 o’clock. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic cross-country thriller North by Northwest will screen in the sculpture garden at NOMA, and the House of Blues hosts a fundraiser for victims of Ebola in Sierra Leone. On this day in 1827, Louisiana Governor Henry Thibodaux died in office from what is suspected to be an abscessed liver. 

Pablove Shows Some Love

New Gallery Show Fights Childhood Cancer with Art

One group is fighting childhood cancer with art. The first New Orleans class of the Pablove foundation’s Pablove Shutterbugs is celebrating its graduation with a show at the Du Mois Gallery (4609 Freret Street). The show features photographs by children battling the disease and the results are professional, if not moving.

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