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Defender Picks


NBA Showdown

Cavs & Warriors Rubber Match to Begin Tonight

The NBA finals return tonight (6.1) on ABC, pitting the Golden State Warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third straight season in a matchup only the most degenerate and self-loathing of Vegas gambling addicts dared to bet against before the season began. 82 regular season games and a playoff system that seems to go on forever has led us to this, exactly what everyone assumed would happen the day after the NBA Finals ended last year in a historic, down 3 games to 1 comeback by the Cavs, aided by a superhuman effort from Lebron James.

Farm to Kitchen

7th Annual Eat Local Challenge Invites Locavores to the Table

Have you ever looked in your fridge and wondered where on earth your food actually comes from? Conscious consumption is a rising movement in this country — from garments proudly bearing Made in the USA tags to food grown in your own backyard. Local locavores are making is easy to eat fresher, healthier, and more sustainably in the Big Easy with the 7th annual New Orleans Eat Local Challenge. 

Hero’s Journey

A Look at Southern Rep’s Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3)

One of the most fascinating aspects of Southern Rep’s newest production is how director Valerie Curtis-Newton and her cast express the intertextuality of the text with expert ease. Father Comes Home from the Wars (Parts 1, 2 & 3), the 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist work by Suzan-Lori Parks, offers intercultural exchanges between Greek epics, Civil War spirituals, blues guitar songs, and modern day slang. What might be played as disjointed in less capable hands, Southern Rep Theatre synthesizes into a powerful examination of where our country comes from and where we are now. 

The Iron Lattice

A Conversation with Stephanie Travers, Editor of New Local Magazine

The Iron Lattice, a New Orleans print magazine featuring local artists and writers, recently celebrated the release of its fourth issue. NOLA Defender sat down with Stephanie Pearl Travers, Editor-in-Chief, to discuss the project, its purpose and its NOLA-born and bred mission and vision.

Horoscopes for Week of May 29th

Are you rooted? Are you grounded? Are you stable? Are you resilient? These are not rhetorical questions. Both Uranus and Saturn are taking us on a wild ride this week, and if you haven’t found ways to stay grounded during this extremely trying time, you may end up with a case of psychic whiplash.


Digital Get Down

Aurora Nealand's The Monocle Ensemble Explores Love & Technology at Music Box Village

Aurora Nealand’s show Saturday (5.27) at the Airlift's Music Box Village could fittingly be compared to a post-America apocalyptic fairytale. Drawing from Nealand’s new politically charged, indie-electronic accordion album recorded as her alter ego The Monocle, Kind Humankind, the performance was made spectacular from Shannon Stewart's precise choreography, to Nealand's multi-facted performance, moving from poetry to prolific accordion playing. 

Serpentine Sound

Toonces Tell the Tale of Tang Tang at Marigny Opera House

Move aside rock operas, indie rock operas are here to stay. Toonces’ performance of “The Trials of Tang” at The Marigny Opera House on Friday (5.26) is making a strong case for this new form of musical opus. Toonces, a lush indie rock band from New Orleans with Chelsea Hines starring on vocals, created an indie rock orchestral performance that was centered upon Tang Tang, “an eternally lonely and wonderfully flamboyant sea serpent” who lives in the depths of Barataria Bay. Tang Tang is chasing “the mate of his soul’s true calling,” but due to his own demons, brings himself enormous despair.

Petrificus Totalus, Donald Trump

Witches Cast Spell to Bind the President

According to a magic spell gaining momentum across the U.S., the text at the end of this article serves as an incantation aid to bind the current U.S. President. New Orleans, along with multiple cities across American joined together in a mass binding spell this past Tuesday (May 23rd) in an effort to figuratively tie the hands of President Donald Trump.

As One

Innovative Opera and Transgender Illumination Comes to the Marigny

Since its premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 2014, the Laura Kaminsky-composed chamber opera “As One” has graced numerous stages and found acclaim throughout North America and Europe. Its protagonist Hannah is sung by two voices, baritone and mezzo-soprano, whose interactions, tumult, and equilibrium illustrate her dynamic gender expressions, core character, and growth as a transgender woman. The New Orleans Opera Association is presenting the work for two singers and string quartet this June 2-4 weekend at the Marigny Opera House. 

Ale in a Day's Work

Royal Brewery Joins the NOLA Craft Beer Scene

Royal Brewery sits among, and is typical of, the many warehouses that mark the area of New Orleans East situated near the lip of the levee, near the low flying planes headed towards, or from New Orleans’ Lakefront Airport. Royal Brewery is one of those special places where one can feel the breeze of the Mississippi making its journey upon lucky New Orleans residents. Their headquarters is not markedly different from the other warehouses in the area, save for the three hard working souls and the 30-barrel brewhouse system containing the brewmasters’ effervescent ales. 

Film Review: Baywatch

For a certain generation, the word Baywatch brings to mind the dumb, kitschy show of the 1990s that gave the world Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff. It was little more than tawdry storylines peppered with beautiful women in red one-piece swimsuits running slow motion in the sand. Its charm — a very loose interpretation — was its irony and campiness, much of it courtesy of the Hoff, offered in a hour-per-week package. The 2017 rendition of Baywatch, starring Dwayne (no longer "The Rock") Johnson and Zac Efron, drowns in its lack of specific identity throughout, even though it delivers genuine laughs in a juvenile bag of genital humor and an overbearing 119 minute run time.

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