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Defender Picks


NOLA Lore: New Orleans in the JFK Web

Part Two - The Path to Garrison's Case

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and unexamined legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. This week, learn about the strange role that New Orleans played in the conspiracy surrounding President John F. Kennedy's assassination as the case championed by District Attorney Jim Garrison begins to take shape. Read the first installment on Lee Harvey Oswald's New Orleans upbringing here, and stay tuned for further installments in this series, which include the 1967 trial of Clay Shaw by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and further connections between the Crescent City and what occurred in Dealey Plaza. 


The Southern Yankee

Boston-Born Dan Ring Runs for New Orleans City Council District A

There are quite a number of contenders in the upcoming elections for Mayor of New Orleans and City positions, it’s sometimes hard to keep track. NoDef is here to help with our series highlighting the many candidates in this political showdown. Dan Ring is a rare candidate bringing a wealth of experience from the very depths of Boston politics in his bid for City Council District A on a community development-based platform. 


Rollin' in Hot

Krewe of OAK's Mid Summer Mardi Gras (Photos)

In their annual refusal to let frivolous calendars prevent the spread of Mardi Gras cheer, the Krewe of Oak spearheaded a commemoration open to one and all of the halfway point between annual carnivals on Saturday. Though usually held the last weekend of August, the 31st annual Mid Summer Mardi Gras rolled through the city a bit early to align with the solar eclipse. For the uninitiated, the uptown parade is like a warm weather taste of Carnival except a bit more outrageous—literally. This year's theme was "Dirty One XXXI Coming In Hot." Scroll on for Brandon Robert's photos from the event. 

Who Comes Next?

Henry Clay Warmoth, Whipping Boy of Reconstruction

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes or pivotal figures during the Civil War era who could serve as replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about Henry Clay Warmoth, Civil War officer, lawman, and Republican Governor of Louisiana. 

Summer Love

Chet's Summer Vacation is the Most Unlikely Romance of the Season

Chet’s Summer Vacation is a hot, surreal new play that explores the depths of adolescent transformation and sexual introspection when a young man named Chet moves up to the attic of his mother’s house in the heat of the Houston summer only to find release in the irresistible overtures of his new air-conditioning unit.


Promotin’ the General Welfare

For Whom Is America Really?

Since Donald Trump began his run for President, he signaled clearly that he was willing to target minorities of all kinds, immigrants from all parts of the world, and, in particular, sanctuary cities.  

Horoscopes for Week of August 14th

Rest. As the moon wanes in preparation for a new moon, energies seem to wane right along with it. We can resist, grinding ourselves down until we are too exhausted to do much of anything, or we can follow the example of a much older, much wiser source of light in the world. If the moon is resting and turning inward this is a good time to do the same.

Well Red

Red Dress Run 2017 in Photos

On Saturday, the streets of New Orleans ran red as thousands took part in a race for a cause. The Hash House Harriers presented their annual run, which shifted from Armstrong Park in the French Quarter to the Marigny's Crescent Park this year. Not divergent from tradition is the event's signature red-hot fun in the sun, which included drinks, food, and live music. NoDef's Brandon Robert was on hand to capture all of the debauchery (and a little bit of the fitness.)

White Night

Whitney White Linen Night Returns to Julia Street

The biggest night of the year for the Warehouse District art scene took place on Saturday. From the CAC to all the way down Julia Street, galleries threw their doors open for the white-clad public. Scroll on for photos by Julian Orr. 


Horoscopes for Week of August 7th

Our dreams have us in their grip and will not let us go easily. Not during Leo season, and certainly not while the north node of the moon transits Leo and all but demands we let our light shine, no matter how seemingly little. The potent Leo themes of this year are neither casual or ethereal—not when transformational Uranus and fearless Eris are involved. With Uranus supporting the north node’s nudges, you may have found that particularly since may, jobs, friends, lovers, and habits that are not aligned with your highest purpose have been getting shaken up by Uranus’ and Eris’ give no fucks / turn the table over / set the office on fire antics. By no means is this easy, but as I said last week, Uranus’ blessings are usually best seen in hindsight.

Who Comes Next?

P.B.S. Pinchback, America’s First Black Governor

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes or pivotal figures during the Civil War era who could serve as replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about Union Army officer, Governor, and publisher P.B.S. Pinchback. 

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