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Defender Picks



August 29th

Katrina+10 Rembrances

(All Day, All City)

Landfall, 10 years later observed


Mid-Summer Mardi Gras

Oak Street, 7p.m.

Outrageous and Kinky!


Washboard Chaz Blues Trio

Blue Nile, 7p.m.

Acoustic blues and swing with some original songs--plus, washoard!


Bummer Jams: Workshop with Michael Foulk

TNM, 2pm-4pm

NM Austin AD offers comedy tips


Christeen & Friends

Siberia, 9pm, $12.

A cacophony of sexuality and sounds, $12


"Underwear Bear Bust"

Phoenix, 9p.m.

Fundraiser featuring $10 all-you-can-drink beer ($5 if in underwear), free jello shot if wearing a jock.

"Don't Call Me Resilient"

Friday, August 28th, 2015

For two weeks, New Orleans has been inundated with coverage of the Katrina/Federal Flood. And more than a few locals are sick of it. In particular, the City’s official slogan “resilient” is drawing fire. After a week of social media backlash, viral signs are now popping up to critique the catchphrase.

Stoked for OAK: Mid-Summer Mardi Gras Ready to Roll

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Ready to let loose after a week of #K10 saturation? The Krewe of O.A.K. is set to roll their annual Mid-Summer Mardi Gras on Saturday (8.29). For the uninitiated, the uptown parade is like a warm weather taste of Carnival except a bit more outrageous—literally.

Erika Storms West

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Meteorologists are cautiously optimistic that Tropical Storm Erika will not pose a threat to New Orleans. Instead, the National Weather Service (NWS) is predicting that the fifth named storm of the Atlantic season will hit Cuba before veering north through Florida.

Morning Marigny Mugging

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Muggings have continued to plague residents of the Marigny for the last year with little sign of reprieve. On Thursday (8.28), a pedestrian was robbed in a brazen daylight attack. The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) said that there is now a suspect in the 11a.m. incident.

K10: POTUS Edition

Obama Marks Katrina Anniversary (Video)

Wednesday (8.27) was a beautiful New Orleans day, perfect for a presidential visit. President Barack Obama spoke at the recently opened Andrew P. Sanchez Community Center (1616 Caffin Avenue) in the Lower 9th Ward. The POTUS touched on government failure, income inequality, and lots about the Recovery.

Inside the Orpheum

NOLA Theater Gem Returns (Photos)

Photos by Jamey Shaw

New Orleans’ theatre district continues to grow. The Orpheum Theater is finally ready to reopen following a decade long hiatus. Today, the Theater opened their doors to the media to provide a sneak-peak of the completely restored Beaux Arts gem.

The Sunday Critic

Flowers in the Attic Reviewed

Do you know someone suffering an idée fixe? Someone staring, who returns obsessively, in a low drone of helpless servility, to a single topic, usually sexual in nature? If that someone was fixated on adolescent sibling incest, with hefty helpings of related fetishes – idealized dead fathers, libidinous unreliable mothers, children as pretty dolls, Biblical invocations of damnation, and of course sadomasochism – she or he could have written Flowers in the Attic.

Today in NOLA: 8.28.15

Friday, August 28th, 2015

The K10 commemorations continue today. Plus, the Japanese Louis Armstrong is in town, a unique art show is opening, and rapper Boyfriend is throwing a party. On this day in 2010, Harry Connick Jr. appeared on Larry King Live to discuss what was the upcoming fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Now, more to do this Thursday. 

Brownie Crunch

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Michael “heckuva job Brownie” Brown is back. First, presidential candidate Jeb Bush released a video touting in his hurricane management bonafides that includes some footage of the former Florida Gov alongside Brownie. However, Bush is not the only one feeling forgiving about the former FEMA chief. Brownie, himself, penned a longform piece for Politico titled, “Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina.”

K10: Gracias Latinos

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

By Christopher Louis Romaguera

Casa Borrega (1719 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard) will be hosting a street party called “Gracias Latinos” this Saturday, August 29th, on the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall. The event is intended to honor the estimated 10 to 14 thousand undocumented workers who arrived in New Orleans during the first year after the levees were breached. 

Art Openings & Shows in NOLA

September 23-October 4

Art for Arts’ Sake is coming up on October 4, which means this week is your last chance to see just about every exhibition on Julia Street and at the CAC. Drop into Soren Christensen for a solo show by internationally recognized Pakistani-born artist Jamali, or get a sneak preview of what AFAS has to offer at Callan Contemporary and Octavia Gallery. This Friday, NOMA hosts its gala fundraiser Love in the Garden. Saint Claude is between openings, but there’s plenty of work to be seen this weekend.

Each week, NoDef brings you comprehensive listings of the visual arts in the Crescent City from St. Claude to Julia

State of Play: 8.27-9.09

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Compiled by Michael Martin

The fall theatre season is upon us. Early offerings are beginning this week with a Katrina retrospective, new work from Jim Fitzmorris, and the NOLA Project's "Marie Antoinette." On the North Shore, lesbians and hitches are in, and Mary Poppins is ready to take flight. Click on through for all of this week's offerings.

Today in NOLA: 8.27.15

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

K10 is almost behind us, but the remebrance continues today with Obama. On a less somber note, Jim Fitzmorris is opening his awaited new play tonight. Up at the soon-to-be-renamed Circle, the Bantam Foxes are jamming out. On this date in 1895, former governor Earl K. Long was born. Now, more ways to keep busy today.

K10: La Renaissance de la Nouvelle-Orléans

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

An Op-Ed by Alexandre Vialou of

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the federal levees destroyed lives and the physical infrastructure of the City of New Orleans. With it, the indigenous connection that had existed between New Orleanians and their French cultural heritage for 297 years was -yet again- put to test. Iconic Cajun and Creole restaurants had to close, local french-singing musicians were scattered all around the nation. Uncertainty even surrounded the fate of Carnival in 2006.

Katrina Snowglobes Bring Blizzard of Controversy

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

For many New Orleans residents, it feels like the Katrina+10 commemorations are proceeding splendidly for everyone except for the actual victims of the Federal Flood. The slew of media and ceremonies has ripped the scabs off of the City’s racial, economic, and residential wounds. Amidst the second storm of emotions, a “Hurricane Katrina Snowglobe” has emerged as a polarizing symbol of the chasm between the “New NOLA” and the horrors of 2005.

Guillory Rants About N-Word (Video)

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

State Senator Elbert is a Democrat turned Republican running for Lieutenant Governor. He explained his 2013 party switch by comparing the Democratic Party to slavery and a plantation. If that was not enough controversy, a few weeks ago Guillory ran a campaign quote that included a LBJ with the N-word. Responding to criticism of that commercial, Guillory doubled down and released a new ad in which he drops the N-bomb seven times.

Today in NOLA: 8.26.15

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

The Storm surge continues today. On a less somber note, Jim Fitzmorris is opening his awaited new play tonight. Up at the soon-to-be-renamed Circle, the Bantam Foxes are jamming out. On this date in 1895, former governor Earl K. Long was born. Now, more ways to keep busy today.

Woman Arrested, Accused of Using Kitchen Knife to Kill Friend

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) announced an arrest in the fatal stabbing of a 39-year-old man. Police say that Shamira Menendez is to blame in a case of a casual evening on the porch turned deadly violent.

Medicaid Escapade

Planned Parenthood Takes Jindal to Court

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is taking the Jindal administration to court. The legal fracas is aimed at blocking the Governor’s plan to cut off funding to the organization.

K10: The Big List

Event Listings for Storm & Flood Commemorations

Many New Orleanians are already tired of the ceremonies, op-eds, and panels marking the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the levee breach, and the subsequent Federal Flood. However, for those looking for more events to attend, NoDef compiled a list of them all. (Well, almost all. There are lots and we certainly missed some. So, leave us any additions in the comments section and our writers will update the list.) Click on through for details.

Drinking Culture

A Generational Journey at Henry's

Gentle reader, brick and mortar, stock and stone… A clever concept, rubber-stamped by some bloodless investor… The Bar must be more than these. The Bar, my friends, provides. For the friendless, it is society. For the friends, a place to meet. For the old man, it is remembrance. And for the youth to cut their teeth.

Memorial in Music

Songs of the Storm, Flood, & Recovery

New Orleans is a city built on music. It is no surprise that after Katrina anger about the Federal Flood and love for the Crescent City was manifest in music by artists both local and national. Ten years later, NoDef is looking back at some of the best compositions inspired by the Storm, the levee breach, and the recovery.

Portrait of an Artist

Zack Smith's "My Muse Louisiana"

Photographer Zack Smith’s work is virtually ubiquitous in the Crescent City. For the last fifteen years, he has captured many of NOLA’s most prominent musicians on film. Now, Smith has turned his focus to other artists, not to mention, to the rest of the Boot with his new project “My Louisiana Muse.”

Hydration Station

Three Cocktails To Fight the August Heat From Nick Detrich

There are many ways to fight the August heat: pools, hydration, air conditioning, etceteras. At NoDef HQ, our chosen heat-beater is an adult beverage. So, we turned to  to our preferred publican, Nick Detrich of Cane & Table (113 Decatur Street) for some suggestions.

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Frack Your Brain

This week, the Louisiana Lazarus ponders the Northshore's fracking-filled future.

K10: Gelato Edition

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

One local business has had it with the Katrina/Federal Flood press saturation and is answering back with their own satirical take on the Storm response. Today, Pizza Nola (141 W. Harrison Avenue) rolled out a limited release of gelatos dubbed “The Resilience Collection.”

Lineup Reveal: Jazz in Armstrong Park

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Tis’ the season for lineup announcements. Today, People United for Armstrong Park (PUFAP) rolled out the fall schedule for their Jazz in the Park series. The free series running from September 3 through October 29 will include performances by Jon Cleary, Partners N' Crime, Little Freddie King, and the Raw Oyster Cult amongst others.

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