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Defender Picks



June 23rd

Silk Screening Workshop

NOPL Youth Services, 2PM

Learn the ins and outs, ages 12-17


¡Que Calor!

Parleaux Beer Lab, 4PM

BBQ + Beer


Marvel Universe LIVE!

Smoothie King Center, 7PM

Defending the universe against evil, of course


Redemption Family

Vintage Arts Center, 7PM
Celebrating the release of their newest album


Summer Solstice 2017

New Orleans Ballet Theatre, 8PM

The Dancers of NOLA in new light


Nick Name & The Valmonts

Banks St. Bar, 9:30PM

Plus Swingin Doors and Trash Night


Naughty Professor 

Tipitina's, 10PM

Album release party with a free concert at Tip's

Sam Price & The True Believers

Blue Nile, 10PM

With special guest, Robin Clabby


The Horrorist

Poor Boys Bar, 10PM

Plus Caffetine + DJ Mange



Techno Club, 10PM

A special edition of Disco Devils


Today in NOLA 6.23.17

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

This Friday, enjoy Redemptions Family’s new release, celebrate the Solstice with a healthy dose of dance, get down to stylings of Nick Name and the Valmonts, or Sam Price & The True Believers at Blue Nile. On This day in 1948,  Lousiana Music Hall of Famer Luther Kent was born. Now, more about Friday's festivities. 

Oprah’s Louisiana TV Show Takes the Throne

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Whatever Oprah does, she does well — whether it’s building a television dynasty, starting a magazine, or eating 30 lbs. of mac and cheese, the woman can do it all. This week, she is celebrating yet another success as the Louisiana-set series Queen Sugar on her namesake OWN network was a ratings smash during its season two premiere event. 

NOPD Searches for Man Missing From Algiers

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

NOPD Fourth District detectives continue the search for a missing 28-year-old man who went missing one week ago. According to the NOPD report, Victor Clavo has been missing since June 15th. He was last seen leaving a residence on the 3200 block of Magellan Street in Berhman, a neighborhood in Algiers.


Overnight Crime Report: Unclassified Death, Aggravated Burglary, Rape, Two Shootings, Car Jacking, Three Robberies

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

The New Orleans Police Department saw nine crimes hit the city on Wednesday (6.21). According to the Major Offense Log (MOL), the NOPD responded to an unclassified death, aggravated burglary, rape, two shootings, simple car jacking, armed robbery, simple robbery, and an attempted simple robbery. 


The Price Tag for Health Care

What the Senate GOP Health Care Bill Means for Louisiana

On January 12th, 2016, John Bel Edwards sat down at his desk on his second day of office as Governor of Louisiana. His predecessor Bobby Jindal had depleted the state budget (which prior was experiencing a rare surplus) to a $2 billion deficit. Edwards signed an executive order to allow an influx of $184 million in federal dollars to the state economy, as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA had been passed, Louisiana was subject to it, Jindal just refused to accept the money. As Edwards said, “the easiest decision I will ever make as governor.”


Who Comes Next?

Paul Trévigne: From L'Union to Plessy v. Ferguson

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes during the Civil War era who could serve as positive replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about the South's first black newspaper editor, Paul Trévigne.


Dad to the Bone

Perfect Gentlemen and Dignified Achievable Men & Women Second Line (Photos)

The annual Father’s Day second line was put on by The Perfect Gentlemen’s Social Aid & Pleasure Club along with The Dignified Achievable Men & Women Social & Pleasure Club (DAM). The paraders strut through Central City, stopping along the way for refreshments and “street-meat” straight-off-the-smokers that are resting on the backs of various pick-up trucks. The event featured TBC Brass Band, and started and ended at the historic Gladstone Bar & Lounge.


June 24th

Arts Market

Palmer Park, 10AM

June edition of the monthly market


Maw Maw’s Brew Release

Brieux Carre, 11AM

Proceeds benefit the Alzheimer’s Association


Cajun Zydeco Festival

Louis Armstrong Park, 1130AM

An ever growing collection of great artists


Veggie Growing Basics

Hollygrove Market, 1PM

Learn to grow veggies for cheap


Art & Flea Showcase

Sidney’s Saloon, 4PM

Art and goods for show and sale


NOLA Caribbean Festival

Central City BBQ, 5PM

Admiring the deep roots of the city


Island Vibes

14 Parishes, 11PM

Official Caribbean Fest after party


Mike Dillion Band

d.b.a., 11PM

Some vibraphone, some rants


June 25th


The Drifter, 12PM

Ft. Javier Drada, Tristan Dufrene, Otto


The Tangiers Combo

Bacchanal, 12PM

A mid-afternoon match made in heaven


Gentilly Stompers

Bamboulas, 1PM

Get jazzy with it


Book Signing

Garden District Book Shop, 2PM

Tanisha Jones, Mark of The Fallen


Moonshine Taste

Three Keys, 7PM

A POC Cabaret Series


Guy Fieri’s Rockin Road Show

Tips, 8PM

Feat. Cowboy Mouth


Sam Price & The True Believers

Chickie Wah Wah, 8PM

The final show


Unfortunate Side Effect

Banks St. Bar, 8PM

Plus Voodoo Wagon and Bad Mimosas


Girls Night Out

Rare Form NOLA, 9PM

A rare male revue show

Today in NOLA 6.22.17

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

This Thursday, bask in the sweet sounds of the Reid Poole Trio, enjoy the beauty of the written word, celebrate art the old fashioned way or experience a multimedia art show. On this day in 1907, New Orleans jazz brass band leader and trumpeter Ernest "Doc" Paulin was born. Now, more about today's goings-on. 

Tropical Update: TS Cindy Expected to Cause Continued Flooding, Plus Tornado Watch

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

On Wednesday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu and city officials sounded off on Tropical Storm Cindy, advising residents how to prepare for the heavy rains expected to fall in the city through the end of the week. Read on for updates on flash flooding and tornado watch in Orleans Parish. 


Thanks Mother Nature: Tornado Watch During TS Cindy

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

As most of southeastern Louisiana is making preparations for Tropical Storm Cindy, Mother Nature upped the ante for New Orleanians. The National Weather Service's Tornado division called for a tornado warning in Orleans Parish through midday Wednesday. 

Art Openings & Shows in NOLA

September 23-October 4

Art for Arts’ Sake is coming up on October 4, which means this week is your last chance to see just about every exhibition on Julia Street and at the CAC. Drop into Soren Christensen for a solo show by internationally recognized Pakistani-born artist Jamali, or get a sneak preview of what AFAS has to offer at Callan Contemporary and Octavia Gallery. This Friday, NOMA hosts its gala fundraiser Love in the Garden. Saint Claude is between openings, but there’s plenty of work to be seen this weekend.

Each week, NoDef brings you comprehensive listings of the visual arts in the Crescent City from St. Claude to Julia

Overnight Crime Report: Three Armed Robberies, Shooting, Stabbing, Kidnapping, Attempted Property Snatching

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The New Orleans Police Department saw seven crimes hit the city on Tuesday (6.20). According to the Major Offense Log (MOL), the NOPD responded to an attempted property snatching, shooting, kidnapping, three armed robberies, stabbing. 

Good for the Soulstice

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

New Orleans may be in the midst of Tropical Storm Cindy, but from a little shop in the French Quarter, things are looking sunny and bright. On Wednesday (6.21), Glitter Box will host an epic shindig to celebrate the summer solstice, featuring pop-ups related to everything from sexual wellness to summertime hairstyles and self defense. 

Today in NOLA 6.21.17

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Today, expand your understanding of personal identity, dress up to an 80's cult classic, enjoy a raw display of NOLA’s art scene, or enjoy a colorful musical display by Mudcat & The Atlanta Horns! On this day in 1971, the Garden District was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.


Chicken-Fried Festin'

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

If the repressive summer heat leaves you feeling a bit cooped up, you can run afoul (or more accurately, a fowl) this fall at the second annual National Fried Chicken Festival. Today the team behind FCF dropped some finger-lickin' facts about the fall fest. 

Tropical Update: TS Cindy Comes to Louisiana

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Less than three weeks into hurricane season, and the first named storm of the year is on its way to Louisiana. Tropical Storm Cindy has been brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and is scheduled to hit the southeastern U.S. and gulf coasts, as early as Tuesday evening. 


Louisiana is the Least Independent State in America, Says Report

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Ahead of Independence Day in just two short weeks, a ranking of the freest 50 in the United States was released on Tuesday (6.20). WalletHub conducted the survey, analyzing states on key criteria of reliance like the government, consumer finances, the job market, international trade, and personal vices. Louisiana ranked dead last in the study, indicating that the Boot is the least individualistic state in America. 


Overnight Crime Report: Two Unclassified Deaths, Rape, Two Simple Robberies, Two Homicides, Three Armed Robberies, Shooting

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

The New Orleans Police Department saw eleven crimes hit the city on Monday (6.19). According to the Major Offense Log (MOL), the NOPD responded to two unclassified deaths, a rape, two simple robberies, two homicides, three armed robberies, and a shooting. 

Horosocopes for Week of June 19th

This week we bloom in the abundant daylight of summer solstice. We attune to Mother Nature and her bounty and unite, even if for a moment, with vibrations that call us to shine and be free. It is in Cancer’s amniotic waters that we find the divine power to (re)birth ourselves into the primal perfection that runs deep within us, that perfection we cannot shake even if we try. It is in the sun’s vibrant light we fully let go of winter and step into our most radiant selves.

NOLA Lore: Zack and Addie

A Hurricane Katrina Murder Mystery

Each week, J.A. Lloyd will take readers through the secret and sometimes unexamined legends, myths, and folklore of New Orleans past. This week, learn about the star-crossed lovers of the French Quarter, Zack and Addie. 

Film Review: Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie is based off the children’s comic book series from the turn-of-the-century (the 21st century, obviously). As children’s books, it is chalk full of fart and toilet jokes — humor perfectly tailored for its prepubescent readers. The story lines throughout the 12 books have elementary themes of friendship and basic morality, ideas that fit the maturing mind of a child. These are great for a child to laugh at the incredibly juvenile jokes, pun fully intended, but lose all entertainment value as the reader ages. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but shows its roots as solely children’s entertainment. The film does not stray far from the source material: It is full of Uranus jokes and quips about gross names. This is not necessarily a poor decision; it pleases its target audience, and not much else, due to its one-dimensional perspective.

Promotin’ the General Welfare

Ladies First

As a father of two daughters who knows there can be no shortage of successful role models for young women, I am not going to exploit the recent, clichéd Wonder Woman analogy when I say it’s a good sign that two of the city’s declared candidates for mayor are women.  Rather, I’m going to yank out a line from one of my favorites, The Matrix. Near the end of the original film, as he holds Neo’s head close to the subway rail, Agent Smith asks, “You hear that, Mr. Anderson? It’s the sound of inevitability.”


That, New Orleans, is now your reality.


Film Review: Wonder Woman

I just went to see Wonder Woman for the second time in three days. My family had yet to see it, so I joined them to watch this summer blockbuster for a repeat viewing. As I entered the Dolby Cinema, a flagship theater that brings the most complete movie experience, it was sold out. There was a different crowd in the theater. This time it was filled with girls, mostly tweeners, wearing Wonder Woman shirts, socks, decals on their face, and various stylish apparel options. I grinned and let out a soft chuckle; they were me as a child. I remember watching Spiderman in my own costume times, spewing spidey webs from my wrists, imagining that I can be Peter Parker.

Who Comes Next?

Michael Hahn vs. a Brick

Each week, historian Sean Michael Chick will highlight some of the country's unsung heroes during the Civil War era who could serve as positive replacements following the takedown of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. This week, learn about Louisiana politician Michael Hahn. 

More Articles>

Frack Your Brain

This week, the Louisiana Lazarus ponders the Northshore's fracking-filled future.

Today in NOLA 6.20.17

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

This Tuesday, get craft happy with Connie Shea, explore multimedia art, and enjoy a myriad of music on St. Claude Ave. On this day in 1936, A. Miles Pratt began his term as mayor of New Orleans which lasted less than a month. Now, more Tuesday to-dos. 


NOPD Names Suspect in French Quarter Homicide

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Updated 6.19, 2PM

The New Orleans Police Department are asking for the public's assistance in locating a suspect of a homicide that occurred in the French Quarter last week. 

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